In a galaxy far far away

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from wow; I’m still logging on to do my daily cloth cooldowns (my druid will eventually have a full set of royal satchels if I stop giving the ones I make to my other toons) and putting a few more levels onto the RAF priest but a big chunk of my playing time has been spent running around in Star Warsย  masquerading as a sith warrior.


I love this toon; she’s the first melee I’ve played in star wars and she is a total badass. She’s as dark side as can be,ย  with a bit of a twisted sense of humor and an urge to wipe out everyone she comes across. In star wars, when you make a dark side choice it slowly changes the way your character’s face looks. The darker your alignment the more noticeable the effects. You do have an option to hide the corruption but I’ve found that she actually looks really good with orange glowing eyes and a darker complexion.


I’ve played Star Wars to max level on a couple of characters before and found that I didn’t enjoy the end game much at all, I’m not interested in raiding so all that was really left to do was a ton of daily’s to gather tokens for gear that I didn’t need so stopped playing for a while. There’s been a couple of expansions added to the game since then but I don’t think end game will be that different. However, I really enjoy levelling in star wars; all the quests are fully voice acted and for the first time I’m not rushing my way through a planet but staying and doing all the quests regardless of the fact that I do outlevel them a bit by the end of the quest chains. You can really get immersed in the world through the quests when you stop and let the npc’s tell you the full story.


5 thoughts on “In a galaxy far far away

    • Levelling in Swtor is definately really fun. I’ve found that even though the non-class quests are the same for each class; you get different responses based on your character’s race/gender/aligmnent so you won’t have the same word for word response when you’re interacting with the npc quest givers. I love listening to the differences in what my toons say in each quest response and some of the responses are just brilliant. It’s really easy to rp a character with this style of questing.

        • I do that too, and I definately do it if I’ve chosen an answer that makes my companion unhappy with me.
          My poor sith finally got a new companion which is great because none of the dark side answers I took pleased her first compaion so I just couldn’t get affection points with her. I took to bribing her with gifts which made her a bit more friendly.

          • Yeah, Vette doesn’t like the dark side. ^^

            It’s a good thing there’s gifts when you don’t agree with your companion. ๐Ÿ™‚

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