Favourite item(s) in game; 20 days of blogging

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game

I have 3 absolute favourite items in the game but I actually only have one in my possession.

1. Midnight; the mount that Attumen the hunter (first boss in Karazhan) drops. This was a weekly ritual for many many months of running every single alt I had through Karazhan, if they were high enough I solo’d it, it they weren’t I’d ask for help (and hope like crazy if the mount dropped I’d win the roll) and was the reason quite a few alts were rushed through the levels; more alts = more chances to kill that boss.

(When the mount finally dropped it was really late at night and none of my friends were online, so I took a photo of the achievement on my phone and texted it to them)

mount 1

This is the mount I use on every toon I have. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about this mount but it’s definitely my favourite thing.

The next two items are quite possibly items I won’t own personally until I can solo ICC 25m heroic (hopefully at lvl 100 this is a possibility).

2. Sylvanas’ Music Box. My favourite quest in the game ends in Sylvanas singing a lament for her sister. The music is haunting and I love listening to it. The music box plays the same lament and summons a banshee when used. This is BOE so if I ever save up enough wow gold and I see it for sale; it’s going to be mine.

sylvanas quest

3. Invincible. The Lich King’s mount. He is beautiful mount and when I popped over to  the tournament realm with Luxy and Arv I got to own him for a bit.


4 thoughts on “Favourite item(s) in game; 20 days of blogging

  1. You can get your own music box in about 8 weeks pretty easily if that is easier than the gold. Two of my friends that I played with the most always ride Invincible. Definitely the mount that I think I would spend my entire gold total on and not feel bad about. Chances are someone that is gold capped would still outbid me though 🙂 I quit the game just before my guild downed Heroic LK on 25 (I’d just killed it on 10). If I’d stayed around through the end of LK I would have had my own.

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