The RAF priest hits 80

priest and hunter duo

I finally hit 80 on the Raf pair yesterday. I was levelling a hunter and priest together with the final aim of using the priest to complete the Herald of the Titan’s achievement. To get this achievement you have to kil Alganon in Ulduar in a raid group where no one is over level 80 and no armor item can be over 226ilvl (weapons can be 232).

Once I dinged I immediately haded off to Orgrimmar to lock the priest’s experience so I can start to gear her up. While I was there I noticed a call for a 25man Ulduar transmog run  in trade. The person organising it was happy enough to take an undergeared lvl 80 along with them so off we went.

I was really lucky with winning a few of the items, including a 232 weapon.  I accidentally needed on shoulders that didn’t have spirit have on them which I didn’t realise until I won them so I offered to give them to the lock that had rolled for transmog on them and they really nicely gave me a spirit chest they had won earlier.

herald priest 1

There’s still a ton of gear that she needs though as the rest of her gear is blue normal WoTLK dgn gear. I did cheat a little and buy a cata belt to have in her bag which tips her over the 200ilvl needed to que for heroics; the gear will be too low ilvl to raid in so I’ll definately need more Ulduar gear,  but I’m excited about the idea of healing older heroic dgns at the right(ish) ilvl. It seems that most people are not getting the ilvl to make it into the dgns though as I was in a  group finder que for nearly 40mins the other night before I decided to go log onto another toon.

Capping a toon at a lower lvl in an expansion I haven’t played at max level before is really interesting particularly when I’m trying to work out what gems and enchants I need. With the current changes to the way enchantments work I can just use lvl 90 ones and they scale down but that doesn’t work for belt buckles, shoulder enchants (which I either have to be a scribe to enchant my own or exalted with the Sons of Hodir to buy; I’m going to be a scribe) and leg enchants which again seem to be bop for tailors. So that dictates my other profession choice. I am taking the easier route again with professions though; my scribe is busy collecting bottles of Ink of Dreams (the current ink) to convert at the ink traders into the inks I need to level rather than picking/milling my own herbs. And my bigger toons are going to head out and farm up the endless amounts of cloth I’ll need to level tailoring (ssh don’t tell them, I haven’t broken the news to them yet; I’m sure they are already jealous of the new addition who’s taking up my attention enough already).

I’ve decided to send my jc up to Dalaran to do the jc dailies for tokens to  buy the epic gem patterns.  A quick trip through Onyxia’s Lair will get me bags of the epic gems so I can cut my own. I could get someone from trade to cut them I guess but since I’ve got time while I wait for raid lockouts and lucky drops; I may as well make my own.

Gearing the priest and levelling her professions is pretty fun. I was thinking I might try to make her as authentic WoTLK as possible by only allowing transmog from that expac (can’t not do transmog even if it wasn’t around back then) and having her bank/bags outfitted with WoTLK bags etc. Any other suggestions to make her fit the era better?

If anyone is doing an Ulduar 25 and is happy to take a lowbie priest along; send me a message, I’d love to come.

As for the hunter; she was almost completely ignored apart from her ability to triple my levelling experience. I’m not intending on keeping the RAF account so I might transfer her onto my main account and then I’ll have a horde hunter; it seems a shame to lose her to the nether if I don’t ever play that account again but I’m not sure if I do want to spend the money. I guess I have to decide if I’d be happy to pay $25 for an instant lvl 80 because if I lose her I’d have to level those 80 levels again.


3 thoughts on “The RAF priest hits 80

  1. Personally I wouldn’t bother paying to transfer the hunter. It’d be so easy to just level a new hunter using RaF if you indeed want a hunter horde side. Hell I leveled one of every class horde side in just over a month using RaF. I even decided to just level a new lock because I decided to have all my horde toons be on the same server (technically the server we merged with) as most of my alliance toons and I didn’t want to pay to transfer the existing horde lock. I debated leveling a new alliance druid as well, but I’m not sure I can abandon my original toon on another server and just level a replacement. That’s really the only toon I feel that way about though.

    • I decided not to bring the hunter over. I like levelling toons a lot and I still don’t have an orc or an undead toon, both of which can be hunters, so I’ll level a hunter as one of those races when I feel the urge to do something different or when I want to see a zone again. It also means I can do my plan of making a toon to quest to level my guild bank eventually.
      You are much more dedicated at levelling than I am, I only just got one set to 80 in this RAF period; Grats on getting all yours done :). I love the idea of one of each class on each side, I’ve got almost all the horde done but I have plenty of levelling on alliance side to do still 🙂

      • The only thing I’m missing is an alliance lock because the first time I did RaF I did all alliance and then one horde so I would have a horde for Laid Back Raids and the Double Agent achievement. Then this time I just did all horde and a second horde lock instead of paying as mentioned before. So I have 22 85+ toons, 2 of every class, but just missing that one for one of every class per faction.

        I actually didn’t really dedicate that much time to it this time around. I staggered my toon levels ( 2 85’s an 81 2 75s

        2 65sd etc) so I didn’t have to level the higher levels as much and I did almost exclusively dungeons. A lot of my pairs all had a tank in them and a dps so that I’d get faster queues so it wouldn’t take very long at all to level a pair. In one weekend day I could finish a pair.

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