Raid invite etiquette

Raid starts at 9. Invites suddenly spam your screen at 15mins before 9, do you

a. stop questing and accept the raid invite to sit around for 10mins while you wait for  your team to fully log on.

b. decline the invite on the premise that if you were to start work at 9 and you turned up at 8.45 to make yourself coffee, organise your files etc you wouldn’t expect to have your boss drop work on you before your day officially starts.

c. get on your blog and wonder what everyone else thinks is the right option?

just a mini-rant, letting off steam. I’ve noticed lately that raid invites are getting earlier and earlier, instead of starting at 9, we now clear trash at 8.45. Not 100% sure if I’m wrong to get frustrated at this. What does your raid team do?


19 thoughts on “Raid invite etiquette

  1. If the raid is due to start at 9, I’d expect everyone to be online ready to accept an invite at 9. The only time I’d start invites early is if everyone was online and ready to go, earlier. If they want to start clearing 15 minutes earlier .. set the raid start time 15 minutes earlier!

    • This is actually how I feel. I think I’ll just decline the invites until 5mins to raid time, if the rl wants to be in the raid at 8.45 the calender can be amended. 9pm to 12.30am is long enough without extending each night

  2. The better question to ask in this case would be… where is the line drawn where the game feels more like a work schedule and you feel “Obligated” to be on at certain times rather than a game where you log in and play when you feel like it?

    • tbh at this point in time raiding is starting to feel like an obligation but I’m torn between saying enough is enough and stopping to just go faff around the world and the desire to contiue to see the heroic end boss go doen this expac rather than clear it at lvl 100. I guess when I posted this post the side of me that’s had enough was dominant.

    • Being a (casual) raid leader though, I would expect that people who sign as wanting to attend should feel obliged to be online on time … it is REALLY frustrating both from a leader and a raid members viewpoint when we apparently have a full raid group, but someone doesn’t turn up just because they decide they’d rather do something else. As far as I’m concerned, signing up for a raid is you giving a promise to be on and ready to go for that raid .. if you don’t want to be on at that time, don’t sign … one person not turning up on time when they said they would could often be the difference between raiding or not for the other raid members.

      • I think its blizzard’s goal to kill guild exclusivity in raiding, as in- all guild raids, and turn raiding more into call of duty where ppl just log in and jump right into it without prior organization and commitment- alas the drive for open lockout and flex mode raids.

        The days of… relying on guildies and full attendance are a thing of the past 😦

        • Unfortunately I think we’re a bit of an old fashioned bunch, reinforced by the many pleasures encountered regularly in PUG groups, we would rather cancel a raid than try to get a random non-guildee in.

          Flex does seem to encourage people to jump in raids late, which is rather annoying, as people will start to think its okay turning up late … the only problem with that is if you end up with less than 10 on at the start time … then there will be no raid for those late-comers to jump into …

          • It is sad to see the old ways slowly decaying into what the game and raids have turned into today. But this is the shift im market and audience. Some people see it as for bad, some people see it ias progress. We all have to take it in for what it is,

  3. In vanilla we had a very scary raid leader who was not above wiping dkp if people were 5 minutes later. Therefore If the raid is due to start at 9, that to me would mean the first trash would be pulled at 9 therefore I should be on-line at least 15 minutes, preferably 30 minutes before hand.

    • Being online early I don’t mind, barring unforseen circumstances I am on my druid early and ready to start pulling at 9 but I don’t need to be in the group 15 mins early.

  4. I kinda envy you; my guild has the opposite problem. 😛
    In my opinion, it’s OK to send out the invites early, but you should only start the raid proper at the time it was set for (in this case, 9). I can totally see how this would be a source of frustration though. Is everyone usually on by that time, or do you pull trash while waiting on stragglers?

      • Yeah, I can definitely see how that is frustrating. If everyone was there, then that would be a reason to start early. But if you are still waiting on people, then there’s really no reason to start early. Sounds like you have an antsy raid leader 🙂

  5. my team is always way too eager, we start raid at 8 server time but tend to form a group anywhere between 7-8 and tend to have the first 3 bosses down by 8

  6. The way we did it (when people actually bothered to show up) was set the raid time, and that’s the time everyone would be expected to be in the group and in the instance. I would start forming about 15 minutes before that time just to start getting organised, but there was no obligation to join then, especially if you were in the middle of dailies or something. Those that were ready and wanted to pull trash early accepted the invite and we got started. Otherwise raid started at the allocated time.

  7. When my guild sets start times it’is for the first pull and it is always made known ahead of time. Invites usually go out 10-15 minutes ahead of time.

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