I own a Zebra

Well a Swift Zhevra to be accurate.

raf 3I logged onto Z the other night just in time for raid when I noticed I had a little notification that I could pick a RAF reward but as raid started I completely forgot about it. When we had a bit of down time I remembered about it and pulled up the page to see what was on offer.

raf 1

I originally intended to RAF simply because I wanted the Zhevra, I love the look of them so much but I was seriously tempted by the Emerald Hippogryph but I decided to stick with my orignal plan. When Warlords goes live I’ll be grounded for 10 levels while levelling and I’ll probably see my ground mounts more than my flying ones for that period so it will get a really good work out.

When the achievement popped up in the middle of SoO there were a few comments about a raid being a  strange place to receive a mount.  I had to wait until I got outside to have a play with it.

raf 2

raf 4

I do like this mount a lot but the other rewards are so temping. If the $5 offer for the battlechest comes on sale again in a few months I can see temptation giving me a few nudges. .


13 thoughts on “I own a Zebra

    • Thank you, i liked the rearing one too. I did manage to get a screenshot where the Zhevra looked like it had its neck turned right around to bite me, looked quite strange 🙂

    • Tx Cinder, I do like horse mounts and I love the idea of a unicorn. I really should get up to the Argent Tournament dailies again and grind tokens for the Unicorn (completely forgot its name) mount you can get from there.

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