Living it up at level 80

I’m powering along on my little 80 priest, she’s sitting at around a 222ilvl currently. She’s got all my toons out there working for her. The druid is doing daily dalaran jc quests for old patterns; 1 more day and then I’ll have enough tokens to be able to cut the +10 int/ +20 crit – potent Ametrine gem – which is good as there are none on the AH and my priest has a ton of red sockets that need good gems.

My big priest was set to work making Cord of the White Dawn and Saviour’s Slippers; both 226 ilvl items that come from tailoring and luckily the patterns were on the Ah at not-too ridiculous prices and I had just the right amount of Moonshroud cloth in my banks; now I know why I hoard so much stuff.


This tier is so pretty.

Cain suggested that I look at open raid to see if I could find an Ulduar run that would take level 80s along so I had a look and I did find a regular run. They go at 9am Sunday morning (my time – I think its a lot later for where the majority of them are, the RL is based on Mal’ganis) and they’ve taken me along for the last few weeks. They are really friendly and have about 3 level 80s they have going along and with a level 90 healer watching over us it’s really fun. I think once I am finally geared I might still go along on the druid just for fun and so I don’t feel like I’m being completely carried, which I am :). Anyway with the Ulduar run and a friend taking me through Naxx a few times the priest is almost ready; she’s just had really bad luck with trinkets either not dropping or only dps versions.

Each time I play her though I keep thinking I need to put her on my 2nd account because my druid can pretty much run her though all the heroic dgns and naxx 25 on her own if I could play them both but the only toon on my other account high enough to do so is my Paladin and tbh I suck at ret and doubt I could actually make my way through heroic LK dgns without dying so trying to have my pally solo Naxx 25 is definitely out. So either I learn to play my pally or move my priest over because while I have amazing friends who are taking time to run me though things, I do hate asking each week and its so frustrating knowing I could do it on my own if I could be on my druid.

Now to find a Herald run; looking on the forums shows me heaps of posts looking for people but they are all from last year. I’ll keep an eye on Open Raid and the forums and hopefully something will turn up soon.


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