Could I que for heroics if I had to get a silver medal now?

Tome drew my attention to the news that que for level 100 heroic dgns in Warlords you will need to have a silver proving grounds medal for the role you want to que for. This wow insider post  gives more information about the changes.

I’m guessing that this might be being implemented because of the free boost to 90 and tbh it’ll probably be a good option. I’ve raf boosted a rogue from level 1 to level 53 and I had no idea how to play it immediately after. In fact; 10 levels later I’m still trying to learn the basic abilities that I would have learnt while levelling (that’s a whole other post topic though) so I can see how skipping a toon from the character creation screen to level 90 could result in some less than stellar players 10 levels later. If having a silver medal in the spec you play is too hard, then I guess you probably do need the practice that proving grounds would bring.

Having said that though; after reading the information it made me wonder; could I actually get a silver medal on my alts? I know I can for the classes I play a lot now, most of which are healers actually. But my dps toons are levelled in any haphazard way, using whatever ability seems to kill the mob attacking my face in the fastest time possible.  I have a feeling this approach won’t win me any medals.

So that means I’m now feeling challenged enough to take my toons up to proving grounds and see how they go in each spec they have. I have a feeling that it’s not going to end well. Stay tuned for the blog posts of their silver medal progress.

14 thoughts on “Could I que for heroics if I had to get a silver medal now?

  1. You never know, I was surprised that Cat could manage bronze as a tank something that she definitely doesn’t know how to do! I haven’t gone back and tried her at silver, I’m thinking it wouldn’t end well!

  2. Pretty sure I couldn’t get silver on all my alts at the moment. I took my Priest in the day they announced though and managed to scrape through with 7000 spirit which was horribly painful. I will however be attempting to do the same with all my alts as they hit 90.

    • I definately can’t get silver on my alts without a lot of effort ahead. I know when I was healing it for the first time on my druid it took a lot of mana tweaking to try not to oom really fast.

  3. I went in last night as a tank and had to try about 6 times to get bronze on my tank….I had to actually heal myself!?!? I mean WTF!?!?!? What do the healers do :p (joking!!) Anyway, I was too wrecked after that and terrified to try silver…but I may have to do so to see how bad it is knowing I have to heal myself as well.

    • wow, I wouldn’t have thought you’d have to heal yourself :(. The only time I’ve tried PG as tank was just as a muck around attempt last night on my disc priest. The poor npc got squished pretty quickly, I didn’t realise she was supposed to be a healer npc though, I don’t think I saw many heals go out; she was mostly complaining at me to get the adds off her :p

  4. Well that goes to show I am spazz at DPS because I struggled with that as a kitty, but I could manage tank (and heals of course). And I mean struggled, as in I couldn’t do it. There. My shameful confession!

    • No so shameful Navi, I can’t manage it as boomy and thats meant to be my os. I do really want to learn an os for my druid though, its really limiting me only being resto in raids 😦

      • There is a lot of intracacy to feral that even I as a lifelong feral have found out on numerous occasions I was “doing it wrong”. You need a lot more information than is easily seen in the default UI. I think that’s the biggest key to getting good out of feral is setting up all the information you need to see. Definitely willing to help answer any questions if either of you have any.

  5. I think it’s an interesting point that you make – just because you’ve leveled a character from 1-90 doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. I’m not sure if I could manage silver on my alts either! Equally a boosted person might get really lucky and get silver – but have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to group content. I foresee interesting times ahead!

    • That’s true about being able to play your class doesn’t neccesarily mean you’ll do great in group content. Perhaps they could modify the dps version to include a group setting so its not just a dps race but actually see if you can stay out of crap on the ground, not pull over a tank etc

  6. I have cleared LFR SoO on every class this expansion and there is definitely a large gap between how well I do with my best played class and my worst. If you throw in multiple specs, forget about it. Could I do it if I focused on one at a time? maybe. Even classes that I’ve played a lot there is still a relearning period after I’ve been playing something else for a while though. Having to get silver on each class and possibly multiple specs just to do random content would take a massive amount of time and be a major pain in the butt.

    • I agree that this could potentiallyh be a pain in the butt; while I do think it’s a good idea I can see that if I have to do it on all my alts then it will be very alt un-friendly.
      However, I don’t actually run dgns on my alts that much anyway atm so maybe it won’t be such a difference since it’s really only to get into heroics that I would need to do that on my alts.
      I guess it depends; if I decide I really need heroics to gear them up for whatever reason, I guess I’ll be putting them time into them and should hopefuly pick their skills up again fairly fast.

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