The priest’s adventures in Proving Grounds

Tonight being a Tuesday with no raids and no shutdown planned,  I took the priest up to proving grounds to test out her mettle and see if she could make silver.

I got past silver pretty easily in her main spec, Disc, without having to do any serious reforging or talent changing though I was certainly feeling the lack of mana regen. My priest basically reforges out of spirit atm for her lfr and flex adventures but if I was to try for gold in the proving grounds I think I’d need to up her spirit a lot.

Then onto trying it the dps challenge. Atm my priest runs around the world completely in disc spec. Even when she goes to the timeless isle  disc is strong enough to kill/quest in,  so I thought I’d see how far I could go in disc for the dps challenge. I just made the  final wave of bronze by less than a second. So there was no way I was going to do silver as disc.

Over to shadow spec I went and I think I blew up on the 2nd wave. I kept trying and finally scraped in on the 5th wave before I decided to do this properly I’d have to go and get some dedicated shadow gear to reforge and regem just for proving grounds. The gear I was using was mostly shared between my disc and shadow set so the majority was gemmed/refroged for healing.

Off to the bank where I had a ton of unturned in raid finder tier and some tot gear I had kept for transmog. I regemmed them for haste and crit and went up to try again. It took me so many tries to get past the enrage timer of the lower levels. It also involved a lot of swearing and wondering if I should actually be playing a dps class at all. Eventually though I started to realise a few things that I didn’t ever pay much attention to before. I needed to be using both my dots on the higher health adds, especially the one that takes ages to cast (vampirc touch) because it returns mana as well as doing a sizeable chunk of damage.

I also never realised how much I misclick on targets (I’m always using vuh’do on my toons to heal with rahter than selecting targets) so I stood there for quite a while on a number of attempts clicking abilities without a target, the tight enrage timer pretty quickly got rid of that bad habit. Changing talents helped too, I didn’t even realise that with power word: solace I get a dps boost when using mind flay on a target with devouring plague. For the stand still fights that silver has, that talent was so good and I got so excited at seeing that I could refresh mind flay right before dev plague ran out and I’d get an extra buffed mind flay. Pretty exciting stuff for me :).

I finally started to move on past wipes at wave 4 and got up to wave 8 a few times before I finally killed it. That was pretty cool in my books. I’m still nowhere near getting gold, I can’t even get past wave 2, but I’ve got a tiny bit more of an idea of my shadow priest now. But even with silver in my achievements I don’t think I’d be ready to dps as my main spec in a heroic dgn without a ton more practice. Maybe its time I did a bit more playing in dps spec rather than staying in disc all the time.

priest pg silver


8 thoughts on “The priest’s adventures in Proving Grounds

  1. Congrats on the silver! I’m not brave enough to try for the dps modes on my pally, so I’m super impressed that you’re kicking butt on an alt in an offspec. It’s pretty impressive, Z.
    You’ve now got me more determined than ever to get that endless healer achieve though… I know what I’ll be doing tonight!

    • Thanks Cinder, if you could have actually seen my attempts though.. far far from kicking butt lol. but it was really interesting and a bit of an eyeopener just how much I had to suddenly pay attention to as a dps. I’ve got very very used to and comfortable sitting back and healing and focusing on green health bars rather than mobs etc.

  2. Congrats on those. I find going shadow on the isle just kills things a lot faster so I usu stay shadow. I haven’t really been back to proving grounds much. I should try and go back to see how far I can get though.

    • I find I tend to die a lot more in shadow even though things die faster which is why i stay in disc mostly. The down side of disc is there is no interrupt though. I might start actually staying in shadow when Im off killing things though, I found the burst damage the priest put out with devouring plague, mind flay and then shadow word death was so huge compared to spamming smite and penance, it’ll halve the time I have to spend 🙂

      • I levelled as disc through Pandaria (although I tend to do that anyway), even killing those champions was effective but over time it was just tedious when you’re killing something over and over for a drop.

        You’re right though, it’s a lot easier to drop aggro and interrupt (inc. my racial silence) when I need it as shadow and those big crits are always fun to see. 😛

    • Good luck 🙂 You can do it. I should go back on the druid and give endless another go; I just get so frustrated at having to start again at the beginning when I fail so far into it. Must get more patience.

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