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  zeirah 2

I was browsing through blogs the other day and came across Ironyca‘s post about  playing the Sims 3.What caught my attention was the picture of robots that you can get in the sims; appropriately named Simbots. I haven’t played the sims in ages but pre-wow I was a massive fan and spent a lot of time playing sims 1 and sims 2 and all the assorted expansions that went with them. There’s something about micromanaging the lives of little people that really appeals to me.

After reading through her post I had a massive urge to go and have a look at the sims again. I actually have the sims 3  and a couple of the expansions for it but tbh I don’t think I had ever installed it. I bought the game and the expansions at the same time I bought the wow battlechest and once I installed wow I was immediately hooked and everything else went by the wayside for a while.

Anyway when I read the post; something about the idea of robots grabbed me immediately; I sent Ironyca a message asking if the simbots were found in a particular expansion and went rummaging though the house looking for the game. I found the Sims 3 and the world adventures expac and came back  to find that Ironyca was super fast on the answers and the simbots were part of the ambitions expac. That rang a bell so I went for another look and found that the 2nd expac I had was Ambitions! so we had a quick chat through blog comments while I was installing that as well.

Oh my goodness this game is really addictive, I’m afraid the things that were meant to be done that day were ignored completely as I made a character to play with. I spent way way too long on the creation screen as you can have different clothes and hairstyles for different occasions; everyday, formal, sleepwear, nightwear and swimwear, but eventually Zeirah (did you expect anything else? ) was born.

zeirah 1

Not sure why, but her face looks funny here. I love the shoes, I want a pair that looks like these for myself.

I could only afford a dodgy little house on my starting budget so I scrimped on everything so I could afford a good computer. In the sims 3 you can use the computer for pretty much everything;  entertainment, finding a job, chatting with friends online,  rather like real life.

zeirah's house

computer time 2

The ambitions expansion introduced new professions so I sent Zeirah out to work as an investigator; she gets to snoop around, rummage through trash cans for clues and go on stakeouts to solve cases.

you can't see me

No one can see me if I hold these leaves up… yep, this isn’t the least bit suspicious!

She’s advancing though the levels and is slowly getting more money so I will upgrade her into a new house. And I’m looking around for a suitable boyfriend for her. One thing about the sims that I like is that you can choose a partner of either gender so its more true to life unlike games that only allow you to flirt with a partner of the opposite sex. Zeirah has already attracted a bit of interest and there are two candidates I like for her. classy zeirah

Classy Zeirah – talking about toilet humor. Really smooth.

zeirah at the beach

Can’t go past a  man in uniform?

Anyway back to the simbots since this is what I started it for.

There are two ways to get a simbot; you can become an inventor and advance to a high level in the skill and create one or you can buy the simbots with a currency called lifetime points. You get the points from fulfilling wishes your sim thinks up and from keeping their mood satisfied. The simbots cost 40k lifetime points which if you keep your sim happy and fulfil their wishes doesn’t really take too long to rack up.

I haven’t decided if I want to immediately buy a simbot once I get to the 40k points or spend a bit of time in the game actually playing it because I have forgotten how much I really do like this game.

It’s funny though because as much as I like playing it, I feel guilty in a way. I keep thinking that I could (should?)  be on wow doing my daily cds to make bags or farming or getting mats to make feasts for the raid feasts (I haven’t contributed much there for a bit actually, must go fishing), capping valor for gear upgrades or a million other things so while I love playing the sims I have this nagging feeling I should be on wow. Which is something I should work though I guess; I shouldn’t feel guilty about downtime.

There are a couple of downsides though I miss seeing what friends of mine are online, after so long playing a multiplayer game with a really social aspect being on a single player game is lonely in a way; I have to resist the urge to keep checking twitter to see what others are up to. And since this is a wow blog, I have no idea if anyone is actually enjoying this post lol.

Anyway if you don’t see me on wow for a few days you’ll know the sims bug still has me firmly in its grip.


14 thoughts on “My own universe

  1. I too was/am a big fan of SIMs (1-3…and many expansions). I used to hang out at the SIMs 99 forums a lot and got into making music videos with SIMs 2. I even have SIMs Medieval…it’s kinda fun. I understand what you mean about missing online friends though. SIMs is no WoW that’s for sure. But it’s still a fun game.

    I have SIMs 3 (no expansions) installed and dabble with it every now and then. I should upload some of my recolors to my SIMs site. It’s been forever and a day since I have uploaded anything. Actually, I don’t even think I have anything uploaded from SIMs 3…just 1 and 2.

        • I just learnt that I can click on the artist palette and then on an item and make it my own custom colours. All my cheap wooden counters look like expensive wood and marble and my appliances are all matching stainless steel. I love it. I spent ages making tables match my counters, matching bedroom suites and rugs to match the upholestry. How did I forget about that function, I’m sure I used to do it in earlier sims. Love it. Photos will be forthcoming lol

    • hehe, good to know of others out there 🙂 I think I’ll have to do a series of blog posts about my adventures in sim land; I spent ages making a chinese garden for my sims to put their souviners from their trip to china in, I need to show someone 🙂

  2. It looks really good but every time I’ve tried to play Sims in the past, things have gone horribly wrong. I’d definitely be interested in posts about your adventures, it might persuade me into trying again.

    • I tend to forget to save and then my sims do something silly like try to extingush a fire and be killed or burn their house down and I have to start again from a long way back. I’m trying to remember to save regularly so that doesn’t happen.

  3. I love Sims. These days I get bored after a while, so I play it in bursts. A few days every other month or so.

    And yeah, WoW is a great game. But it shouldn’t keep you from doing other things you enjoy. So just put that guilt aside for a bit an enjoy yourself. 🙂

    • I’m still in the sims grip, There is so much I want to do still, jobs to improve,skills to improve etc. I’m sure once I come to the end of that the novelty may wear off but then.. there are many many expansions. I wants them all!
      And you’re right, a game and spending time away should not make me feeling guilty 🙂

    • Oh I’m hooked indeed. Unfortunately the simbot hasn’t been purchased yet because I’ve been making plumbots! Yep I went and got another expansion, Into the Future. I will do posts on them, I want to alternate wow posts with sims posts but since there is a lot more sim playing on, there isn’t any wow posts being written :).

      Really glad I read your post about the simbots, got me back into a game I love and totally forgot about for a bit 🙂

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