Herald of the Titans

I found a herald of the titans raid being advertised on Openraid and immediately signed up for it. I had a wait of a day to find out if the raid leader would accept me as there were only  two healing positions and two healers had already signed up as being  tentative. My toon doesn’t have a dps offspec so she needed to be a healer but I thought I’d sign up anyway and see if there was a spot. And there was which was really great.

I was really happy to see when I got invited to the group that one of the  toons in there was a warrior who has been coming along on the sunday morning Ulduar runs so it was really nice to see a familiar name/face.

herald 7

There’s a couple of really impressive titles in this bunch; I would love to have “Champion of Ulduar” (killing all bosses in Ulduar without anyone dying)  – but apparently you can’t get it anymore and “the magic seeker” was for being realm first to kill Malygos.

We downed the Flame Leviathan and XT-002 really easily, much easier than I thought and went straight to Algalon the Observer. It took us a couple of pulls to work out the timers for going into the void zones to avoid big bang; dbm was a bit off on the timers so once we worked that out, the next pull had him down.

herald 8

I was really lucky and won the quest reward from Algalon because it leads to one of my favourite quests in the game. When you hand in the Reply-code alpha to Rhonin in Dalaran he walks up the street to the statue near the alliance bank and gives a little speech about how  Algalon was defeated and then turns the sky to night and puts up an impressive lightening display. I love this quest and if I’m in Dalaran when I hear the speech starting I will run to watch it. It was doubly exciting watching it knowing I was the one who started it.

herald 3

herald 2

herald 6

The fight was definitely made easier by being able to use cataclysm flasks and  food. I found out that  cataclysm enchants scale better than the Pandaria ones which I had put on my gear but we got it down really easily so that was the main thing.

It was so exciting doing it at level 80 that I think I’ll leave this toon level capped and see if I can find any groups that are doing the other raids at the right level. In fact I’m thinking I might make 2 more toons to cap; 1 at level 60 and 1 at level 70 just in case I find any runs going. In fact I think there is a guild on barthilas that has level 60 raids going, I just need to look them up .

  herald 4

So that’s one big achievement off my list for 2014; I might get to work on that insane title next.


4 thoughts on “Herald of the Titans

  1. Grats! That didn’t take you that long. Is Champion of Ulduar not possible even if you are all level 80 like Herald? The nice thing about that achievement was that it didn’t have to be done on one run like the Immortal. We missed the Immortal for so long because one person would DC or do something stupid on one boss. Made it to KT a number of times to not get it before the Black Proto Drake reward was removed.

    • It didn’t take long which was great. There was another one on this weekend but it was alliance so I’m glad this one worked as I didn’t want to have to faction change 🙂
      I wondered if it was still in the game but a hidden FOS like herald but looking at wowhead it says the champion ach was removed completely and I can’t find any posts saying it’s still there like Herald is, however I guess technically it could be. Without getting another herald group together I don’t know how to tell. I might have to do some more searching through the forums

      Oh that sucks about missing out on it, I actually wish instead of removing things they leave them in the game but only obtainable if you meet the original requirements. I think its still a fairly big thing to level a toon to a lower level cap and gear it; make it so the fights difficulty is the same if you do it on an appropriate levelled character and it should still be fair to have the rewards in the game.

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