Interesting triva about my favourite titles

It occurred to me today that 3 of my  favourite titles in the game all come from killing the one boss.

Herald of the titans

herald 4

Killing Algalon in a group with no one over level 80 and all gear must be no higher than what can be obtained from Ulduar.


star caller

Killing Algalon in a 10man group

Astral Walker

astral walker

Killing Algalon in a 25 man group

What a popular boss for titles.


6 thoughts on “Interesting triva about my favourite titles

  1. Astral Walker is my favorite of the three. And, if you think about it, will be a quite fitting title to use once Warlords hits…since we’ll be jumping astral planes, so to speak, chasing Garrosh.

  2. I love the Algalon titles, too. I have Astral Walker, but I’d love to get Starcaller someday, too — and maybe even Herald of the Titans, if I can pick a character to choose to lock at 80 long enough to accomplish it.
    Grats on YOUR Herald of the Titans achievement!!

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