Thank you outfit

I admired Cinders bloodfist transmog the other day and then when I logged into my druid a day later I found she sent me a full set of bloodfist gear to transmog my dk into. What an amazing gift from a great person.

It took me a couple of days to organise the full outfit; all of the off set pieces are from quests I hadn’t done on the dk before.

I’m not that super keen on the bloodfist helm so I found the Khan’aish Helmet matches quite well and I do like  how it looks. There is a quest reward lookalike from Outlands. It’s on a wanted poster in Blade’s Edge Mountain but when I went there I couldn’t get any quests to appear on the board despite doing all the starter quests so I gave in and bought the boe version off the AH.

The sword comes from a quest in Ghostlands which only took a few seconds seeing its a very low-level zone.  That’s one advantage of making a dk; all the sub-55 zones have all the quest rewards waiting for you to come along and quest for them.

bloodfist 3


bloodfist 2

The outfit is a bit skimpier than I would normally dress my toons in, which is partly why I added the ebon doublet shirt under the shirt (and also because it needed a touch of black) but I quite like how this outfit looks so am happy to wear it.

  • head – Khan’aish Helmet
  • shoulder – Bloodfist Epaulets
  • Back – Ice-Crusted Cape
  • chest – Bloodfist Breastplate
  • shirt – bon Filigreed Shirt
  • gloves – Bloodfist Gloves
  • waist – Bloodfist Girdle
  • legs – Bloodfist Legplates
  • feet – Bloodfist Greaves
  • sword – Sin’dorei Warblade

Thank you Cinder for sending me this set; you are super kind :). I love the way my dk looks now.

I have hardly done any plate transmogs and there are such a nice amount of plate items out there. I should play my 2 plate wearers more simply for the chance to dress them up.



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