The question of Boosting

As everyone who is the slightest bit interested in wow would know, you can pre-order Warlords and pick up your free boosted 90 now. I’ve been thinking about this so haven’t rushed into ordering it yet as I had no idea who I wanted to boost.

After the professions news was released; that if you boost a level 60 toon with learnt professions, those professions would also max out, this made me think a bit harder and I’ve finally decided who I will boost.

I’ve got a level 32 Orc hunter who I’ve really wanted to level so that I could spend her days running around the world with the ultimate aim of owning a pet from every pet family there is along with as many exotics as I’m willing to camp for. But.. she’s stalled on the levelling process. In fact, she was the first toon I actually bought an heirloom weapon for, proving how special she was.. but then I got sick of levelling her. So I think she’s the number one priority to level  to 60 and then boost her on up.

Professions choice… I think I’ll take alchemy so that I can have a flask master alchemist (mage) and make this one a transmute alchemist which might make all the living steel transmutes I’m doing,  for my engineer to make pets with, go a little faster. If alchemists are still responsible for making the rarer metals in warlords; having two won’t go astray then either.

The second profession is a little trickier. I’m leaning towards a production over a gather. Gathering would be handy but I do have a gatherer of each type on this realm already so I probably don’t really need another gather profession and it’s really fast to level and as I have a 90 and a couple of near 90s without professions, they can always be gathering toons if I really need. On the production side; they are generally a pain to level through the sheer amount of mats required so skipping that phase is very very attractive. But what to take? I know I don’t want another tailor, blacksmith, leatherworker or scribe so that leaves the choice down to a jewelcrafter or an engineer.

I’m leaning towards jewelcrafting in a way; In cata you learnt the new patterns by doing a once a day quest for tokens to buy the new patterns and in Mop you had a once a day gem research that gave a chance to learn the new patterns. I’m not sure what path warlords will take but if it’s along the same lines, having 2 jc’s will mean I should be able to learn twice the amount of patterns. However, gem sockets are going to be a lot rarer than now so I might not really have to rush into learning patterns as by the time I get gear with gem sockets, I’ll quite possibly have learnt all there is to learn.

Engineering. I hardly use my engineer now though I can see that she has pretty cool stuff if I actually played my engineer. Mailboxes, blingtrons, gliding capes, rocket boosts, the ability to make cool mounts and pets are pretty good not to mention exploding sheep (wish they scaled with expacs so I could blow things up at 90 with a sheep). And they typically get to make really good helms too. Am I missing anything an engineer can do? I probably am. So I’m thinking it might be good to have but quite possibly not useful as I don’t  use the one I have now. Though that could be linked to the fact my engineer is my warlock who I love for her looks but not for her class and therefore don’t actually play.

Over the next 30 levels I’ll have time to have a think about what profession I want to pair with her alchemy. On the whole it probably doesn’t really matter what I take as I already have one of each sort on my Barthilas toons so it might come down to me flipping a coin and deciding that way.

Any thoughts on what professions you think are going to be useful?


6 thoughts on “The question of Boosting

  1. I’m leveling a paladin tank with a friend who is leveling disc priest for challenge modes! We are taking engi and JC 😀 Engi is my fave profession!

    • Oh cool 🙂 I still can’t chose because I want them both. I think I’ll probably go jc/alch and maybe if jc isn’t that important get rid of my druid’s jc and go eng on her. I want the jeeves, mailboxes on a toon a raid on.

  2. I’m boosting my shadow priest with enchanting and tailoring. Enchanting seemed like it might be a good idea; I’m in a guild that is very helpful with enchants and gems and although I donate all of my mats to help keep the supply up, I don’t want to be too dependent on them. I only chose tailoring so I can make my own bags. I still have a cople 90’s running around with 16 slot bags and it might bring in some extra gold.

    • Enchanting is definately a handy proffession. I think I use Alchaemy the most followed by enchanting. Being able to make your own bags is a huge gold saver and if you sell them – a good gold maker. I’m currently farming up mats to give all my alts embersilk or better bags in prep for WoD and on my server an embersilk bag goes for around 500g – so being able to make them myself definately saves some gold.

  3. If it wasn’t for wanting to have all professions covered I’d have Eng/Ench on every toon. Your idea of switching your druid to eng makes sense as you’ll use Eng more that way. I say you should do that because you can still do the daily on a toon you don’t play much to learn the JC patterns you need to have covered.

    • hmm thats true, I’ll have to have another think about the profs – because I definaly want alchemy so I can have 2 diff types of transmute masters but I’m thinking i might take BS just because my pally has BS but is on another account which Im about to suspend and I still want access to a BS. but then if i end up moving her over – I’ll have 2 BS and I dont really have a need for more than 1.

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