Hearthstoning my way to a mount

Seeing so many people in WoW with the hearthsteed or blogging about it made me want to go and have a try so Friday I put a bit of time into playing it against other players. I had tried it on the beta but only in practice and I hadn’t actually got too far into it, only unlocking a warlock deck and the mage one I had to start with.

Warlock I actually preferred over mage, I just liked how it played so I thought I’d try that in my attempts against real people. I won the first two rounds really easily and was about to win the 3rd;  I had a long line of minion cards lined up ready to pound the other player into dust  until I played a card with the text “deals 4 damage to all players” and instantly my entire line of minions blew up and died and my hero took 4 damage as well. I think the other player must have just about fell off their chair laughing at what happened and then went on to beat me throughly. That’s the last time I use that card without being really careful about what I have up and what their health is, I thought it would do 4 damage to all the enemy’s cards.

heathstone 1

But I won again on another match and went and logged into wow to get my mount.

hearthstone 2

As a promotional tool to get people to try out hearthstone that may not have been going to, I think it’s very effective. In my case; I logged into wow, picked up the mount and got the achievement,  logged off again and went straight back to playing cards.

If you win against a player using a deck you don’t have you get a basic deck of that sort. So in this way I unlocked Shaman, Priest and Hunter decks in one afternoon of playing. Out of all the ones I’ve tried so far I think I like priest best. The way I play it (and I could be completely wrong at it); it seems to be a deck that needs a bit of patience. There are a number of rounds where I pass without doing much but then I can put up a card that allows me to draw a card each time a minion is healed and there are heaps of inexpensive  (in points) healing cards so I can go from having nothing on the table to a long line of well healed cards that just keep producing more each time. I quite like it. I think I’ll have to get a bit more confident at what I’m doing and start tying some ranked matches or finally get all the decks unlocked and try arena.

It looks like a game that I could have a lot of fun with if I don’t have time to log into wow for a long session. I just wish I had a tablet so I could play it while away from home. It seems like the perfect time filler for train rides or waiting for appointments or even in between classes at uni where I have free wi-fi and long gaps between classes. hmm I’ll have to download it to my laptop I think.

Anyway if you’re umming or arghing over trying; definitely go try.


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