Blizzard to release Blood Elf Druids

In an unprecedented move, going against all lore so far, Blizzard announced that they will indeed cave to gamer pressure and allow blood elf druids.

“We realise that troll form is damn ugly and horde players want pretty druids. Blood elf druids only seems fair, after all alliance have night elfs” was the unconfirmed twitter release.



I wish there were such things as blood elf druids. Happy April Fools Day 🙂



12 thoughts on “Blizzard to release Blood Elf Druids

    • Me too, no matter what price blizz set as the race transfer I wouldn’t blink. Heck I’d offer my first born to be able to change to a blood elf druid 🙂

  1. omg, Z, you are a ratbag! I saw your blog headline on my way to work and was like “darn you blizzard! I just made a tauren one!” And then I remembered what day it was. 🙂

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