On a deserted Island and playing wow outside the box

I’m sure a few weeks ago when reading and answering the liebster awards I saw the question “what’s the one thing you can’t live without” come up a bit and overwhelmingly my answer would have been Internet!!

Telstra obligingly came out to connect my cable so I could rejoin the world of net and miserably failed. This little house apparently isn’t connected to the land of cable but it will be.. in up to 21 days. /Gasp. Initially I thought, no worries, I’ve gone without it for 7 days living on my phone allowance and uni time browsing and hey I have the richest sims in all of sim land atm (must do a sims post soon) but then when doing my morning reading of wow blogs I came across the idea of someone who was playing wow their way and completely outside the box. Thanks to Alternativechat for mentioning it or I would probably have never known this guy existed. Now I want to be on wow with a burning desire because this game is amazing and how can I ever compare my micromanaged sims to it? Who is this guy?

Doubleagent, a level 80 Panda who got to that level by never leaving the Panda starting area. This guy also raises in my mind the idea of how amazing panda’s would have been to have as a 3rd faction; one that can come and go between the two factions. That needs to raise rep with all of them in order to trade or buy faction rewards etc. Maybe one day it will come.

 doubleagent the insane

Photo courtesy of Wowinsider

This just blows my mind about the ways that we come up with in order to play this game. Some people (like me) level tons of alts, some are into raiding, some have the biggest wardrobe known to wowkind and some just take a look at the world and think I’m going my own way. None of the ways is wrong and none is better than others; it’s just fascinating how we all take one game and play it in a multitude of ways.

Wow has been running around my head lately and talking over the phone to another wow player she mentioned that she plays on her phone’s mobile data when away from home and it doesn’t seem to take that much of her data allowance, so I might give that a go in the next couple of days. I’m really playing wow in my head vicariously atm, every time I read a blog post about what people are up to, I think I want to do that too.

I want to get my warlock to go and have a look at the green fire questline but I don’t think I’ll actually complete it, besides the fact I’m a dismal undergeared warlock I actually like the red spell effects but I would definitely like to go follow the quest through to see it (or as much as I can). Those damn tournament pets are waiting for me to finish levelling up the 8 pets I have earmarked as going to be in the final teams for the tamers and I have a poor orc hunter who is wondering what she is doing on extended holiday in swamp of sorrows. She’s also going to have a profession change when I get back so she can take the blacksmithing duties neglected by my paladin (not really her fault for being derelict, account suspension does that to toons).

Argh people, if you told me a few years ago that this game would be so immersive that I’d get so attached to my toons that I’d refer to them by name when I talk about them and would want to spend my time exploring zones over and over and how great it is to surround myself with people who understand what I’m talking about when I say I have to go level, collect some ore and look for golden lotus*.. I would probably have not believed you.

* My mother actually found those 3 items listed on a to-do list when she was helping me to sort though some papers for the move and looked at me with a very puzzled look and asked me why I was collecting ore; she thought it was some new hobby I came up with.


3 thoughts on “On a deserted Island and playing wow outside the box

  1. Hope you get your Internets back soon! As for Doubleagent, he is now up to level 87! That dude is just CRAZY! I barely had the patience to complete the legendary quest-line a second time, and that dude is grinding herbs and ore for months with infinitesimal amounts of XP gain!

  2. That Ore discussion would’ve been hilarious to watch.

    And yes, what makes WoW such a universally successful MMO is the sheer options you have on what you want to do and there’s no wrong thing to do. So long as you’re not griefing other players, it’s your money and it’s your time. 🙂

  3. I agree there is just so much to do – the things I do some people wouldn’t touch and it goes the other way too! But wow, that is levelling to the extreme…. man i could not do that. Levelling an alt is bad enough but levelling it by HERBING low level stuff? Damned amazing.

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