Mojo Stormstout

The server issues with 90s last night meant it was a great time to start a new toon. I was playing Zarsia my new Draenei pally when  I came across Mojo Stormstout, the monk trainer for the Draenei starting area.


I thought I’d run over and say hi to him as he wasn’t there last time I started a Draenei and so clicked away at him a  few times and  his responses when he started to get annoyed at the clicking surprised me.

He went from asking me if I was looking to buy to telling me to buy something through to:

  • Your so-called kungfu is really quite pathetic,
  • You move like a pregnant yak,
  • Your swordsmanship is amateur at best,
  • So my pathetic friend, is there anything you can do well,
  • I knew it, all you are good at is ordering food in restaurants and spending your guilds money, get out of my sight.

This was really funny to hear especially as he had a really peeved tone but very surprising as I don’t think I’ve come across quite so rude a npc and certainly not from a pandaran before.



13 thoughts on “Mojo Stormstout

    • I knew that some Npcs had different responses which is why I kept clicking to hear what he would have to say, I really wasn’t expecting what he came out with though. I’m going to do more npc clicking in the future too, especially of newer npcs.

    • Definately go see him, just hearing his tone get more and more exasperated is funny. He’s quite fierce though so take a brave toon to go annoy him with 🙂
      I was clicking and wishing I had a way to record what he was saying; it’s so different to what most npcs say I thought it must be a joke or something. I had visions of some rogue developer slipping in some really tricky sound files 😉

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  2. Haha! Don’t forget, he’s an imported Pandaran, living on a world far from his enormous turtle island. Maybe he’s homesick and doesn’t know how else to vent his frustration. Is he the only Panda in that zone? Maybe he hasn’t yet made friends with the fur-less Draenei yet. Oh, Oh! Or MAYBE he’s a man of “the church” and was sent there on a mission, against his will, to convert the alien locals!

    Hee hee. >:)

    • lol I love the ideas. He is definately the only panda (well that I saw) so maybe he is a bit lonely and homesick, but then you’d think he’d enjoy the constant interaction. Maybe the grouchiness is why he’s lonely in the first place.

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