Celestial Tournament, 1st week down

After a really long time of being too scared to try the Celestial Tournament and telling myself I needed to level more pets I finally decided to just chose a guide and follow their instructions. I settled on the wowheads guide (I would be so lost without wowhead) and set about levelling the pets they recommended.

I finally had enough of the right pets for this weeks combination of Tamers – Sully, Ion and Cho so I headed off. And following the guide almost to the letter – I swapped out the wild jade hatchling for the sunreaver microsentry on Xu-Fu but then had a brief moment of panic when I realised I needed the microsentry again for Zao – but even with that they all went down quite quickly.  Then came the tricky part – choosing which pet I wanted as the reward gives you 3 coins for the first win instead of 1.


I decided on Chi-Chi the hatchling of Chi-ji, not only do I think he’s the cutest but Chi-Ji is a healing celestial; fitting for my resto druid.

I have 3 more pets to level up for the other two combinations of tamers but that shouldnt take too long and then I’ll aim to have the other 3 of the celestial pets in a few weeks hopefully.


13 thoughts on “Celestial Tournament, 1st week down

    • Cheers Kam. I was so glad this week went easily, I was imagaining how long it would be if I had to leave and heal a pet or something right towards the end and have the entire thing reset.

    • That was me too, I kept looking at them all. I love the little cat so much but I have a ton of cats so figured the crane was something entirely different to any pet I have. I’ll have to level the little guy up now so he’s all big and tough before I add the others 🙂

  1. Congrats 🙂 It took me ages to get that first one down .. now I’m just stuck with the next ones. I too was following the wowhead guide, but the next time I did it, although I killed the first three encounters, I failed on the ones after that because one of the pets I apparently needed was already dead from one of the first three .. I got confused and disheartened by that and I’ve not got round to going back again now.

    The first pet I chose was the cat, because I wanted to be a Crazy Cat Lady 😛

    I hopefully will go back to get the others, because the pets are really nice, but currently I’m spending my time doing the Argent Tournament dailies to get all those pets and quests (because I’ve been slacking and avoiding them until now), and the various instance mounts .. EoE, Kara, etc. It’s the “bonus” of having a long time between expansions .. time to catch up! 😛

    • Hopefully I won’t have too much trouble with the others – wowheads guide has some more updated strats that look really good. Apart from using the microsentry twice, which was my idea as I deviated from the strat at the last minute – all the pets this week were only used once. I’m not sure if next week will be the same though.

      I haven’t finished up at the tournament grounds yet, though I’m leaning towards making the gold to buy the remaining pets and grinding the tokens for the mounts instead. If I decide to grind for both pets and mounts I doubt I’ll ever finish.
      My big mount grind atm is I’ve decided I want the reputation mount from timeless isle before Warlords comes out.

      • I was too impatient … I WAS going to aim for the mounts from the Tournament, but every time I got enough, I somehow ended up with a pet instead :p Now that I’ve got all of them opened up though, the dailies there are easier because they’re generally fairly close together. Of course, there is also the down-side that there are pets from both factions … so I’d need to grind the lot again with alliance in order to get them all! (I may just try buying those!).

        I got the Timeless Isle mount a while back …. there were a few in-guild that were grinding rep at the same time so it was a lot easier .. and it also got me a LOT of cloth for my tailor and Timeless Isle gear for my alts.

        I’ll have to have another read of the wowhead guide .. one thing I did really like was they put a list of all the pets you would need, all in one place .. so what I did was use an addon to compile all of the teams with the suggested pets, and then went through getting upgrades or levelling those that needed it – but I suspect I need to revisit it 😛

        • Oh I should have thought about doing the grind on my priest who could use the cloth drops, she plants cloth all the time. Oh well – already nearly revered on the druid so too late now.
          I did that with the pets too – put them into teams so I can see which team still needs a level or so.

  2. Congratulations!
    I’ve been meaning to get on to this because I really want the mini Chi’Ji! (same reasoning as you – as a healer he’s perfect!)
    But I don’t have enough pets at max level yet. *sigh* Too many things to do! People who say they’ve got nothing to do until WoD just aren’t playing right! 😉

    • lol, I have to agree with you there, my bucket list is expanding not shrinking over time. I feel selfish wanting WoD to come out at the last minute so I feel I have heaps of time to go and do all the things I want to do before getting caught up in a whole new world.

      Good luck on leveling the pets. I found the fastest way for me, because I needed to level over 22 pets from scratch (I should have settled on a guide a long time ago) was to do the 2nd beasts of fable quest each day. I think its the easiest one and it gave me a mini treat to boost levelling xp by 25% every time I handed it in.

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