Free Faction Changes for Barthilas

Blizzard has noticed that some realms are pretty unbalanced in terms of faction ratios. One of these realms is Barthilas and they’re trying something new to see how it will affect ratios and queue times; I think PvP queue times specifically. And that is offering free faction changes to us hordies on Barthilas for one week, starting today.

According to Mmo-champion,  Barthilas has roughly 18.6k players with a Level 90 character on the realm. Around 14.7k of those characters are Horde and 3.9k are Alliance, resulting in a population that is 21% Alliance and 79% Horde.  Looking at characters rather than players, there are ~41.7k Level 90 characters on Barthilas now, with 34.3k Horde and 7.4k Alliance, for a 17.8% Alliance and 82.2% Horde population.

One of the main reasons I’m not saving like mad to move my characters off a PvP realm now that I’m not raiding with my guild (which is the only reason I moved to a PvP server) is that there really isn’t that much ganking that occurs as a horde because of the faction imbalance. In fact the only time I usually get killed is on the timeless isle by my own bloody coin hungry faction players or as a lvl 60 in Hellfire Peninsula and tbh that is normally x-realm players that kill me there. I have no idea what it’s like for an alliance on Barth; I would assume they are getting killed as soon as they step outside their front doors. I wonder if this offer will have the desired effect of more people rolling their toons over to the blue and gold of the Alliance banners or if like me many are hesitant because quite frankly the faction imbalance is the only thing that makes a PvP realm bearable.

I am tossing up the idea of moving my druid alliance side though; I’m thinking come warlords I’d like to level a priest and a druid and it makes sense that my two geared, and not just in terms of purple items but in terms of big bags, novelty items, love of their names etc, are the two I play through to 100. I stepped into well of eternity on Zeirah the other day and with the automatic transformation that makes you a night elf, it was  a little nostalgic and hit me how much I miss the night elf form. Silly I know, but anyone who reads this will know I’ve not got great fondness for the troll form. And the advantages of moving the druid means I’d have a night elf druid and my priest can stay blood elf, the other race I love from a looks and lore perspective.

Despite the tentative yet growing idea of moving my druid Alliance, I’m wondering if Barthilas is the place to do it. With cross-realm abilities I could do everything with my Alliance friends without having to pay for a off-realm transfer and  with the ability to pass things through the neutral Auction house (frustrating and roundabout as that process is)  I’d still be able to access my other toons professions but offsetting it all is the idea that I might be ganked to high heaven and end up hating it more.

It’s something to think about. I do like the idea of taking Blizzard up on free offers; it might encourage them to do more lol but I’m not sure if I want to face life on a possibly still unbalanced PvP realm. I might log on and have a look at my character list of toons, there’s bound to be one of my toons sitting there on Barth that fancies a look at other side.

What do you guys think of the offer?


8 thoughts on “Free Faction Changes for Barthilas

  1. I have a Shaman on Barthilas I have been considering for the free faction change since I read about it. I do love Horde though, and Barth Horde but it will be interesting to see how people take it! Barth Alliance has been dead for a long time, I think Horde deserve some new blood to spill 😛

  2. You can always take them up on the faction transfer and then only have to pay for the server transfer to a pve realm instead of having to pay for both. If we knew there was going to be flying I would say pvp wouldn’t matter much if you are going night elf, but it sounds like that won’t be the case. (When I first went to a pvp realm during wrath shadowmeld flight form was the greatest thing)

  3. Ooh Cain your suggestion is very very tempting, giving less money to Blizzard for something I’m planning on doing is always a tempting prospect. I’ve been thinking about how much I’m probably going to not enjoy levelling on a pvp server but I never considered the prospect of not having flying on top of it.
    I’m not 100% sure if I will do it though – the week long offer probably isn’t long enough for me to make a decision in. I’m notoriously slow at making decisions involving my main character but I do like the idea of it for a non main.

  4. I know of a few people (through other people) who have done the faction change just so they can make the server change cheaper. It’s not a bad idea.
    I’m a bit torn about what to do, to be honest. I’ll do a rant on my own blog, though, so I don’t take up your blog space! It is a big decision, though.

    • I’ll look forward to reading your post on it. I haven’t moved Z though the idea of a cheaper server post is why I’d do it, even though that defeats why they offered it in the first place. Only reason I haven’t moved her is I still can’t decide where I’d put her and I feel my wow identity is very tied to horde now, 90% of my friends list is exclusively horde. But the lure of night elf… so so hard to decide.

      I have found I feel way more scared as a ally on barth though. There are horde everywhere coupled with my low gear and even lower dps ability I find I’m running away at the mere sign of a red nameplate.

  5. I play Alliance on Barth (very casually these days) and recently came back after a 5 year break from WoW. I was quite surprised at how much Horde outnumbered Alliance as I recall Alliance used to outnumber Horde when the server was born in 2006 and the first couple of years. Although the population of Horde always seemed to be healthy. The past few weeks I have noticed a lot more Alliance players, perhaps quite a few took up that free faction transfer offer?

    As for being ganked, well yes of course it happens on every PVP server. I found it particularly annoying while trying to level alts through Mount Hyjal. For that reason I prefer to level in Vashj’ir for its peace and quiet.

    • I’ve noticed quite a few more alliance around in the last couple of weeks too so I’m guessing there were quite a few people that took up the offer. It’s most noticeable over on the timeless isle; you never used to see alliance over there and there are quite a few now.
      I like the quieter zones too, but I never thought about that being a good thing for Vasjír, maybe I should go and level a hordie over there – my dk has just hit 80. I normally avoid vash’jr – I tend to get so lost.

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