A tempting decision, accepted

This is what I was greeted with on logging in this morning:

WoWScrnShot_052914_101031Trust Blizz to make the faction change even more tempting by sticking it right in my face. I thought it would be something I’d have to go do through my account. I wonder if having the option to change faction right there on the log in screen for a whole week is going to see a lot of impulse swaps happen. I know for me it’s very very tempting. Just tap that little button and you can be something entirely different.

Needless to say faction changing has been running through my head a lot since I posted about it yesterday. Cain offered a bit more sage advice by reminding me if I’m going to faction transfer and realm swap  Zeirah I could skip half the fees by doing a faction transfer now for free. This is something I’ll have to think about. Mostly I wouldn’t know where to take her, back to aman’thul where I started but where I was unhappy with raiding prospects? this is where all my Alliance 90s remain or onto an entirely new server where I would have no profession back up which would drive me crazy?.. these decisions will most likely take more than a week to decide.

Over the period of no net I started reading a lot of the world of warcraft novels, well the ones that my local library has, there are so many I’ll need to get on e-book or buy but one of the ones I recently finished was Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde. It focused on the events in MOP when Vol’jin was believed dead by Garrosh’s assassination attempt but he was actually recovering in the Shado-pan Monastery, eventually joining forces with them to start the attack against the Mogu. It was so indepth and included such a lot about the monks and Chen Stormstout (do you know he has a girlfriend? I didn’t prior to reading the book). But it made me rreally like the monks and Pandaran in general and in part helped me decide who I’m going to transfer to Alliance.

I’ve decided to take my blood elf monk over to Alliance and turn her into a Pandaran  with the goal of eventually having a full Shado-Pan monk transmog outfit. I’m bound to be ganked to high heaven while out and about running errands for the Shado-pan to earn their respect and reputation so I can collect the transmog items their quartermaster sells but hopefully not that bad.



2 thoughts on “A tempting decision, accepted

  1. Ahhh … that’s mean! I’ve deliberately avoided pre-ordering WoD Expansion because I just know I’d not be able to resist that “free 90” button. I suspect there may be a few who hit those buttons on the spur of the moment. I wonder if there is a “7 day cooling off period” where you can transfer back for free, too?

  2. I haven’t seen anything about a cooling off period, that would be great to be able to see the other side and come back if you made a mistake 🙂
    The being able to change in a second saw me take my lvl 80 priest over. I don’t need her horde now I used her to get the herald ach, so she’s a cute little gnome now

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