When the desire but not the talent is there

Words as sharp as a knife, jagged and black

Hang in the air, too late to unsay or clarify their meaning

She stares helplessly at the retreating back


Tears cold as ice run down her cheeks

Arms encircle themself gripping so tight

Fingers dig into the skin drawing tracks down her arms

The pain can’t stop the wounds inside from tearing her into pieces

To stop the tears the words drew forth

She falls to the ground careless of onlookers

Lost in her own world of pain


I came to the conclusion tonight, quite possibly simply due to the lateness of the hour I seem to get maudlin when the hour is late,  that I turn to writing when I’m upset. Not sure when that happened. But it made me realise I wish I had the talent to write. Being able to put my thoughts on paper and them flow is a talent. I should have snuck into some creative writing classes during my degree, all that knowledge  on how to twist words at my fingertips, overlooked.


6 thoughts on “When the desire but not the talent is there

  1. I agree. I reread a couple of my posts at a pretty low point and surprised myself by the way they were written. It doesn’t always have to flow as long as you get your point across and the cathartic nature can be well worth it.

  2. I feel the same way about singing and dancing. 🙂

    As someone who studied creative writing at uni, heres’s what we learned – write all the time. That’s all the degree was. They just gave us a place where we would write alllll the time and we’d get feedback. But that’s all it was. Honestly, if this is something you’d like to do, then just write as often as you can. Not matter how bad you think it might be (and sometimes it will be bad!), just keep writing. Also reading will help, too. Especially if you read in the style you’d like to write in it.
    Writing is just like exercise – the more you do it the easier it will become.

    Maybe you could start a writing blog? Even if it’s just for you. I’ve created one for myself and I fill it with things that inspire me – art, photographs, other peoples’ writing etc. Maybe that could work for you?

    Also, Harvard, Stanford and MIT have a lot of their courses available online for free through iTunes if you felt in the mood to do some writing classes.

    • wow, thanks for that info Cinder. I’ve always wondered what writing classes would include.
      Tbh while I’d love to write I seem to always get stuck at the first paragraph whenever I have an idea of something I’d like to write about. I remember trying to write books even as a really young child and always getting stumped after the opening. So I think while I’d love to write, it’s probably not really for me.
      Blogging is good though as I always have something to write about – maybe I should try my hand at non-fiction.

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