A usual day in your life/online time; 20 days of blogging

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

I’ll write this about my online wow playing time. Now I’m not raiding 3-4 nights each week I tend to jump around on whatever toon takes my fancy and my play time is a lot more unstructured. I do have a few things I try to do daily but I’m not super strict on making sure they get done each day.

Once I log on:

1. Pets –

  • I always do Nishi the battlepet tamer in Valley of the Four Winds, she’s right next to the farm and is guaranteed to put a few levels on a low pet I chose each day. I chose which ever toon I do the first daily cooldown to pop over and battle. My goal is to eventually have all my rare pets to 25, and  then one day to have all my pets at rare quality.
  • I have toons sitting in front of the Winterspring, Stranglethorn Vale and Deadwind Pass tamers – I make sure I do those dailies with a range of new pets for the xp each day.

2. I do a ton of daily cooldowns – not all of them every day but more often than not.

  • Barthilas priest for Imperial silk to make bags. (If I’m feeling really in the mood for tailoring I log over to my Aman’thul tailor and do the same)
  • Barthilas Warlock to plant ore and smelt trillium bars
  • Barthilas Hunter to turn the trillium into living steel (the bars are being set aside for the Warlock to turn into battlepets and mounts)
  •  Barthilas Shaman to make the leatherworking cd so I can  make the new hunter a belt. Once I do this cd will be dropped. This may take a while as I very rarely do this cooldown more than once or twice a week. I tend to forget to do it, poor hunter 😦

3. Reputation

  • I run the druid through the path of the Mistweaver timeless isle daily quest. She’s just over revered with the Emperor. I do this quest with a friend so it goes really quickly, usually all done in under 10mins. If I continue to do this quest daily I should be exalted in 65 days. Very unlikely I’ll keep it up daily for another 65 days though.

4. Then it’s playtime, I have a list of things I’m working on so I can always find something to do in wow and often something random takes my fancy.

  • Some nights I’ll head off on old content or dgns to see if I can farm up transmog items.
  • I’m flitting around the world on my hunter collecting up rare pets as I find them.
  • I’m slowly putting levels onto my rogue so she can pickpocket the junkboxes needed for the Insane achievement.
  • I’ll pop into a lfr if I happen to notice that there is a healer bag on offer. I’ve managed to pick up a few mounts and battlepets that way – but its only my Horde Priest that seems to have the luck, any other healer of mine just gets strength flasks I’ve noticed.
  • I realised my mage is only 1 reputation shy of getting the exalted title (40 reps raised to exalted) so she has been working on some  bc reps so she can grab that title and then move onto the next reputation title.

I can’t say that I have many days where I stare at the screen and wonder what I’m going to get up to. There are so much things to do and if all else fails, there’s always more alts to be made. I don’t ever seem to get sick of playing my way through the older zones; they are so lovely and the more lore I learn about and remember the more interesting the zones get.


4 thoughts on “A usual day in your life/online time; 20 days of blogging

  1. I love reading about how you’re still enjoying the game. Lately all I hear is WoW bashing and I think… well, I’m not sure if I want to read about that because I’m still having a good time.

    • I’m glad you’re still enjoying the game too 🙂 I’m hearing you on not really wanting to read about people being bored in wow though I understand how people can be frustrated because they want to see new content but often I sit and wonder how they can not find things to do. Then again I’m the sort of person that will role play with npcs so perhaps I just amuse myself in very odd ways 🙂

      I would hope I won’t lose my sense of enjoyment in the game regardless of new content arrival date or not; I find that there is still so much I have left to do even just in Pandaria. For example – I haven’t done all the Pandaran achievements or found all the Pandaran Archeolgy items so I have a lot of content still to see even before new stuff gets added.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed some of the spaces in content to catch up on the stuff I don’t have time for otherwise. I wish I still had time to play as there were a number of things I didn’t get to, but I definitely think they should have spaced out the content differently as I felt too rushed the first few months of the expansion. I think if 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 had all lasted a few more months no one would have minded and it would have been that much less time that 5.4 was out with nothing new.

    • I agree 100% that the earlier patches could have been spaced out quite a bit more which would have evened out the gaps between content.
      Hopefully that is something that will be addressed in the future, I would prefer a few extra weeks in content to be able to appreciate more rather than feeling rushed and then the possibilty of going from rushed to barren.

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