Snarlys and Chucks all round

I got a lovely whisper from Kamalia from Kamalia et alia a short while ago letting me know that she happened to have a double up of Snarly but no Chuck. So we arranged to meet and trade over our spare pets.


Luckily the trade gave us both all four pets and completed the set of pets from the Outland daily fishing quest.  I will not miss treking out to Shattrath to do the daily fishing quest, though I’m sure to replace it with another.

A big thank you to you Kamalia, I’m glad we both completed our sets 🙂




11 thoughts on “Snarlys and Chucks all round

    • hi:) The Netherwing rep is next on my list to grind once I finish the Sha’tari Skyguard. My mage is just honored with them so it’ll take her a while but I love the netherwing mounts.

        • Good luck with it 🙂 I did try taking my mage down there the other night after doing her Sha’tari dailies. Oh boy that rep is going to take me a long while to do – the dailies just don’t inspire me at all. Grats on getting so close with them – I admire your persistance 🙂

          • Yeah, thanks! It is a real pain to do.. that’s why I have put it off for so long. I think the part that actually bothers me the most is flying out there every single time. LOL. Is the Sha’tari one a bad grind, too?

          • It’s grindy but I don’t find it too bad. There are 2 areas, 1 in blades edge mountains and 1 in Terrokar Forest. I set my mages hearth to the nearest town to the blades ege area and use her portal to get to Shattrath as its close to the Terrokar section.

            The blades edge only has 2 quests but they give 550 rep each and a bit of rep with ogrila. There is a daily escort quest in Terrokar as well as a daily bombing of eggs. Then you have 2 others that are more repeatable though I don’t do those 2 every day. You also get a bit of rep per kill in Terrokar. It’s slow going since there aren’t a ton of dailies to do so I think from the amount of dailies I saw down on Netherwing ledge – that rep should be quicker to get than the Sha’tari.

          • Thanks for the info… doesn’t sound fun. 😦 I’d like to knock out all the BC Reps at some point, though. So I will keep this stored for later use! 🙂

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