A little bit of everything

I haven’t been up to anything earthshattering in Azeroth lately. I was the really lucky recipient of a lil’ kt from being one of two winners for June’s ROYGBIV competition from MoMar. Cymre was the other winner but all the outfits were really lovely. I’m working on a purple outfit to match a lovely purple sword I picked up  for July’s entry but I just can’t seem to find the right shoulders or head item to match it.

My druid finally got exalted with the emperor so no more having to kill ordos worshippers for a while. She also has 3000 lesser coins so won’t need to worry about doing any coin farming for a while either.

I’ve been doing a ton of archeology lately. My mage is my digger and she’s working to get the crawling claw from Tol’vir ach. I’ve turned up tons of really cool fun rare items so far but no claw. Most frustrating.

Apart from that I’m tossing up moving some of my main toons over to Saurfang. I’ve already decided to move my mage; I’d like to be in Frostwolves a bit more than just when the urge to level Henrii takes my fancy and my mage is the toon I’m spending my most amount of time on lately. Now I’m not raiding in Well Equipped I’m really over being on a PvP realm and I’d like to be in a friendly guild again. I have moved a few of my toons into Cinders guild on Barth and they are lovely but I’d like to play on a non-pvp realm. Thinking long-term  – I don’t want to be grounded in WoD and on a PvP realm either. So that will happen sooner or later.

Apart from that it’s just lots and lots of pet battles. I have one more pet to go before I have all the celestial tournament pets so that will be another 2 weeks there. I did expend a rather significant amount of my gold onto an ethereal trader companion pet because there was a rather fierce bidding war going on Barth which drove the prices right down. Though I haven’t really decided if I want to keep it or see if it will be re-sellable and maybe turn a bit of a profit. The decision between possibly obtaining gold (which will no doubt be spent on obtaining more pets) or keeping a really cool pet is a little tricky atm.

Well that’s my flying update of how my wow time is spent. What are you guys all up to?



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