Rogue time

I was levelling away on my Barthilas rogue, who was made for the sole purpose of gathering up heavy junkboxes for my mage to eventually hand in for Ravenholdt rep in her march towards the Insane title, when I realised that since I planned to take my mage to another realm I would either have to take my rogue with me or figure out another way to pickpocket lockboxes.

I granted my rogue levels from 1 to 60 through RAF which meant I actually had no idea how to play her and while she was really fun I didn’t feel really comfortable on her. Every other toon I’ve granted levels to, thereby skipping the levelling and learning stage, has been for a class I already had played so it wasn’t so new and bewildering. So I decided rather than pay for a realm change for a toon I didn’t really get and didn’t have much feeling for.. I’d make a new one.


I know.. super original on the name…

So I have a brand new level 12 Rogue on Saurfang. She’s found a new home as a Frostwolf and she is actually really cool to play on. I noticed while questing in Eversong Woods my rotation at level 12 in heirlooms looked like this:

Stealth, Sap, Ambush, Loot, Skin… Look for next mob

It was really quite fun. I did do a number of battlegrounds once I hit level 10 and boy are baby druids strong at that level. Made me want a baby one again just to go and moonfire the heck out of people.

Anyway this Zeira is my new project, in between levelling pets and doing archeology, I want to get her up high enough to where she can comfortably pickpocket mobs for the lockboxes.



4 thoughts on “Rogue time

    • I want to do RAF again for the extra pets so I’ll keep it in mind. I’m definately not moving all my toons like I did when I moved to Barth. Even though some have professions I want I never touch them so they can just stay where they are πŸ™‚

    • hehe πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to be able to open my own. I sometimes get my engineer to make the bombs that blow them open but often I’m too lazy to get the mats

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