Raiding, and a Gift

It feels like ages since I posted but its only been 16 days. Despite the order of the title, let’s talk about the cool part first. I got a lovely gift, something I thought I probably wouldn’t see in wow.

sylvanas' music box 1

Look, I have singing Banshees!

Thor, who just happens to be the partner of the lovely Cinder and a pretty amazing player in his own right, brought his toon over from Frostmourne to join the Barthilas realm (more on that later) and he let me know that he had brought me a little present as Cinder had mentioned I would really love one. And it was a Sylvanas’ Music Box for my very own. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to head up to Sylvanas’ and let her know I had her music box and I wasn’t giving it back was going to keep it safe for her.

sylvanas' music box 2

 I am so excited about this, this item will be in Z’s bags constantly, no languishing in the bank for this little trinket and I can’t wait for the toy box to implemented in WoD so all my toons can play with it. Being able to play the Lament of the Highborne whenever I want to hear it is pretty neat. If you want to hear it for yourself, I linked the video in this post I wrote about it a while back.

So I mentioned raiding. After I stopped raiding with Well Equipped I’ve been bumping around the world just doing ach’s and a ton of pet battles but the niggling urge to be back in a raid started to rear its head a few weeks ago but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do the grind of progression raiding again.

Then I logged into the guild Cinder is in, I had stuck a few alts in to be able to chat with her and her guild is quite friendly, and I noticed the guild message was looking for a tank and a healer. Cinder is a healer in the raid, so I asked if she would think it ok if I asked to come and heal with her for a bit since they were looking for a healer and I happened to have a raiding druid who didn’t really have a raid and she thought it would be fun.

I talked to the raid leader and he was pretty enthusiastic, mostly I think because they wouldn’t have to start gearing my healer up and then if I left to lose all the gear – I think that’s a constant issue for all raiding guilds – gear a toon and if they leave you have to start over again – but anyway it was all sorted and I’ve done a few raids with them and it’s going pretty well. The guild is quite nice and I didn’t realise how much I missed 10 man raid. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about WoD when Mythic has to be 20 and normal/heroic can be up to 25. I can’t see too many guilds running 10man when they’ll have to find an extra 10 if they want to do the hardmode, so I’m assuming most raids are going to default to the higher end of 20+ even for normal/heroic. But I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, for now I’m just loving the smaller raid size again.

I said Thor brought me the music box from Frostmourne.. this is because Thor came to Barthilas to join the guild too;  since the guild was looking for a tank and he had a raid ready Monk tank not actually raiding at that time.. it turned out to be good timing all round.

I’m pretty excited about the guild now because I know Cinder and Thor from way back on Aman’thul. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned I used to raid with Cinder when we were both Alliance and I’ve done a few runs with Thor coming along and helping out my guild when they were suffering through my bumbling raid leading so to have a friendly guild with new and old friends will be great again.


6 thoughts on “Raiding, and a Gift

  1. Great news, both of them. Finding a guild where you feel at home can be hard, so big grats on finding one! 🙂

    (Love Lament of the Highborne, migh thave to try and get me one of those music boxes.)

  2. aww yay! So glad you like the music box!
    And it’s so lovely to be raiding with you again. One of these days I’ll stop dying all the time… maybe. 🙂

    • I love the music box 🙂
      It is fun to raid together, I hardly see you die! I feel so guilty when I die, I sit and scold myself so much. I think it’s so easy to focus on everyone and not realise until almost too late what your own health is doing.

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