Raiding with Deadline

The new guild is going along quite well, I’ve found that I enjoy being in a sociable guild again more than I realised. Raiding is going quite well, since I’ve joined they’ve downed two more heroic bosses bringing the guild total up to 8/14 so that is quite exciting seeing them come along.

It’s also restored my confidence in my healing, I have a bit of an advantage in that my gear level is quite a bit higher than the other healers so my figures automatically are going to look better, but that boost and the fact I’m starting to play my class properly again rather than in the really lacklustre way, I was because I wasn’t really enthused with the raiding environment, means I feel like a proper healer again.

I had a few lazy habits as a resto druid that I had slipped into, such as not keeping 90%+ uptime on lifebloom or harmony (BIG BIG no-no – that should really be at 100%) which really affected my heals. And an unwillingness to actually pop my mushrooms – preferring instead to keep them up all the time also decreased my effective healing. So this is the few things I changed with pretty spectacular results for healing figures:

– I set up a tell me when to send out an audio alert when Lifebloom drops off. It shouts ‘Aww Crap’ at me if I don’t refresh it and it falls off. This alone has taken my uptime on Lifebloom from around 60-70% to consistently over 90%.

– I’ve started to pop my mushrooms a lot. I saw a tip recently that mentioned you should blow them when your legendary cloak procs as the amount of heals to the raid then is just ridiculous high. And it is.

– I retook Nature’s Vigil and put it on a keybind I can regularly use easily, instead of the static int boost from Heart of the Wild which I had been running for a while. I also found that I had put Genesis, a spell I never touched, accidently on a keybind  I hit a lot (I redid some keybinds) and and it feels like it provides more healing and doesn’t oom me so I decided to leave it there and use it when I feel like the raid needs a quick boost.

I’ve been trying to ignore the beta talk about resto druids in case I hear anything that scares the crap out of me, like a 30 sec cd on mushroom placements, because at the moment I’m really enjoying being back on my druid.

I’m still a terrible boomy but having a good store of coins set aside for bonus rolls has seen me manage to gather up an almost a full set of raid ready feral gear so I might change my second spec over and have a bit of a play being a kitty for a while.

That is when I get a chance to get on, atm between my internship, starting honours with the increased assessment workload that comes with it and still furiously job hunting (the odds must be on my side one day, one of the million resumes I send out must be attractive to someone..right?) means that there is definitely not as much downtime for playing any game as much as I’d like.


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