Thinking to Warlords

Now we have a date it makes things feel incredibly more concrete and November seems both far away and much closer than I would like all in one go.

While I’m super excited about Warlords coming I feel like there is so much I want to do in WoW before it releases yet paradoxically, I don’t actually feel like playing enough to start churning through my to-do list. Before you think I’m on the bandwagon of negativity about wow that is around a bit, I’ll assure you I’m not. I think I’ve just been so caught up in real life stuff that anything else is sort of going by the way side. So lets talk about that for a bit.. skip down a bit if you just want wow chatter.

I finally finished my bachelors with very good marks to find that just having that piece of paper isn’t really enough to help me get into a job.. well not into the job I want. Ultimately, and we’re talking a long way out like a 10 year plan or so,  I’d like to be a researcher/policy advisor in the government. Everyone in the industry I’ve talked to has said its doable, I just need to get in at the bottom and work my way along.. sounds reasonable. But getting in at the bottom is pretty damn tricky. Factor in that I took a fair while off work to be the carer of 2 juniors and then 3 years of study means  my qualifications, while pretty solid, are also pretty out of date. Added to the fact that government jobs are highly sought after and I’m just not standing out on paper enough to get a recruiters interest.

So given all that I made the decision to continue with uni and do a honours year in politics (part time though because I really want to be back in work so I get 2 years to finish it in, without having to attend uni face to face that much) I figured that my marks are really high, I’m super interested in the subject and if I want to be a researcher some day, a whole year of just research and then a 15 000 word thesis is probably going to be useful.

I also managed to pick up a part time job as an administrator for a transport company. It’s 3 days a week (going to be 4 shortly) , which means I can still study around it and I’m getting some recent experience which should be good.

But it’s also meaning I’m doing a bit of soul searching and navel gazing, not all of it positive. It does make me wonder why I busted my butt through 3 years of study to basically end up with a part time job that you don’t need a degree for, then I waver and think I’m pretty lucky to get anything given that all I have is a piece of paper and practical qualifications nearly 10 years old.   What if this is all I can amount to, is the darkest thoughts that go through my head when I’m staring at the ceiling at 3am some nights.  My experiences over the past few months has at least given me the direction I want to take for my thesis. In all my classes the ones I’ve been most interested and motivated in are the ones concerning social welfare policies, so my thesis will be on long term unemployment.. and yep it’s going to need a bit more thinking on what part of that I want to look at, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

But I’m still not out of the habit of spending all my time either job seeking, emailing companies or writing essays so when I do finally get time to sit down I tend to automatically start looking for jobs and getting on wow is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing though I do keep mulling over the fact that each day I don’t log on is one day closer to Warlords and I’m still not through my list of things to do. So maybe I need to back off and realise that a survival job is better than no job and just go with it for a few months,

On the plus side though I do love the job. I am kept amazingly busy which makes the day fly, I get to talk to clients all day long, my goodness my phone and email never stop – I never would have thought a bus company would be so busy, so so many schools wanting a bus to take their students on excursions or people wanting to charter a bus to run up to a winery for the weekend. So I talk to the clients, schedule their transport needs, make sure the buses are where they are meant to be etc  I have the cutest desk and printer and computer and what’s pretty cool  –   I get to wear a suit to work every day ( I love dressing up in suits and have missed it for so long.. I have all the suits I wore before the munchkins came along, good suits never go out of style!) but… but it drives me crazy because I’m sure I should be doing better than what I am. (boy, does that sound too whingy?)

So now onto the wow chatter because I did promise it way up there at the start (anyone make it this far with me?)

WoW Chatter

I am such a list maker and then I don’t follow them through so I keep thinking of all the things I want to do before Warlords hits then I try to rein myself in and keep it manageable.

This is what I had on my list I put under the goals tab ages ago.

  • Farm the dinosaur bones for the Bone White Raptor Mount
  • Do Pandaria archeology Achs
  • Clean out toon and guild banks

So now that I actually have a time line to work towards how am I going with that:

– the dino bones – probably not going to happen. I’m thinking I should just come back at 100 and burn through it all then

– Pandaria Archeology – actually this is nearly done. I was doing nothing but archeology for ages for 2 reasons – the ach’s and to try to get the crawling claw. I have now managed to get 2 of almost every pandaria rare boa which is great for alts I might level but I still haven’t seen the claw in my journal.. in fact I’m onto my second scarab rare toy from Tol’vir so that has made my enthusiasm wane a little

– clean out toon and guild banks – definitely not going to happen. I decided with the changes Blizz are making to storage this will be something that happens after Warlords hits.

So what else do I want to add to the list:

– try to get some more Pandaria ach’s done. At the moment the one I’m working on is looking for all the rares and treasures hidden around Pandaria.

– I would like my dk to be lvl 90. She is still at 82 and I would like to take one more toon through Pandaria before it just becomes one more zone to level through on my way to 100.

– I want to get the Sha’tari skyguard to exalted on my mage, she’s not far off and that would be one less old world reputation to grind

I think I should try to keep it at that small amount of goals and just see how I end up going.


9 thoughts on “Thinking to Warlords

    • Ooh actually this is on my list of things to do, I really should get into it. My rogue is still a long way from being levelled enough to be able to pickpocket the lockboxes for Ravenholt but I could still grind out the rest of the reps. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  1. I wish I was like you, I want a job where I have a cute little computer and get to wear suits. Hold the imitations with customers and clients though. I prefer to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth in the corner hyperventilating as soon as I am asked to make a phone call.
    It’s easier if I get to use my headset and Skype to call my clients. Then I feel like I am raiding and the boss is whatever I’m selling.
    The world would be aa better place of life was more like an MMO.
    Great post Z!

    • hi 🙂 wearing a headset to chat on would be so much more familar, that would be pretty fun actually.

      I guess I’m pretty lucky in that I like chatting to people so the constant contact doesn’t worry me too much. But I’ve never thought about it in terms of mmo – it’s probably a handy trait and explains why I’m happy enough to jump onto strangers vent and start talking when I pug into things.

  2. Soul searching and navel gazing seem to be the trend at the moment. At least with me as well.

    I know something wonderful will come along for you. You’re a brilliant person, and I’m certain you know your stuff. Someone will come along who will snatch you straight up. 🙂

    The Sha’tari skyguard looks interesting – the mounts are cool! This is why I like knowing you – you know all these really awesome things in game that I would probably never have found otherwise.

    • Hey 🙂 Maybe it’s the time of year – we’re coming out of winter and that’s always a good time for hibernating and thinking.
      Thanks for the positive thoughts Cinder 🙂

      The mounts are quite pretty. I really like the netherwing drakes but I find the dailies down at netherwing so tedious so I’m putting that one off and focusing on the sha’tari first.

      • I didn’t think they were too bad in the end tbh. Took me about 5 days I think to get the rep? Hardest part were those sky races, but they were kinda fun, too.

  3. LIfe seems so busy for you at the moment that I wonder you have time to do all these WoW things! 😀 But Pandaren archaeology is one of those things that I think is something good to do in down time like now, because I can tell you I could not be bothered going back to older zones back on Azeroth to dig for stuff, and come the expansion, going back to Pandaria to dig stuff would just seem… wasteful when there is a whole new world to explore and you could be doing your own archaeology out there 🙂

    • Thats a valid point about not wanting to come back and do panda arch with the new world around. The best thing about arch in Mop is I can get the old world solves done too, I hope they put something like that in WoD.

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