Challenge Modes completed

It was pointed out to me  last night (/wave Navi) that my blog has been a little quiet lately and I realised that despite me still screenshotting everything and writing posts in my head and filling up my drafts folder, I haven’t actually been getting around to posting them. Which is a shame really because I have been scurrying around Azeroth being relatively productive as we count down the weeks to Warlords coming out so I should chat about my adventures.

What I’m really happy about is, getting challenge modes done on my druid before they are removed. I went along as part of my Deadline guild group; our composition was  Dk Tank (Zugs), Warlock (Necro), Ele Shamn (Cinder) and Hunter (Thor) and my Resto druid.  I’ve held off doing cm’s for ages because I really didn’t think I wanted to suffer through the grind but It wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be though there were quite a few wipes as we got our head around some of the mechanics. Doing the dungeons with a group of people who I had fun with made even the wipes enjoyable.

CM 3


Completing the challenge modes on Bronze gives you  the title of “the Undaunted”.  Silver allows you to choose 1 of 4 Phoenix Mounts.

I chose the Emerald Phoenix as my reward but I’m really looking forward to patch 6.0 which will automatically grant me all the other 4 as chosing was really really hard. All of the mounts are pretty.

CM 2

Gold times give you a full set of transmog items. The druid set is quite pretty. I do love the aqua tones that has been used.

 CM 1


Gold also rewards you with a teleport to the dungeons you have completed. This is so handy; the portal to Mogu’shan Palace is basically just like a second hearth and makes getting to and from Pandaria much easier if your hearth’s on CD. I do hope that I’ll get to keep the teleport spells when we go into Warlords.  I am really glad this was something I finally completed especially as I won’t be able to go back and do it. If you’re thinking about it, definately give it a try.





10 thoughts on “Challenge Modes completed

  1. Yay!!! I agree – it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It really does help having good people to play with.
    So glad you got your set. I’m also glad we get all the mounts – the decision about which to choose was so difficult. I’ve regretted my shaman choice a bit, so glad I’ll get the others.

  2. I wish I’d completed Challenge Modes. It along with a few other things (Green Fire, Brawler’s) were all in the I’ll get to it category that I ended up never getting to, and unfortunately are all being removed.

    • Oh no, is green fire being removed? That’s something I would have liked to have tried but I really don’t know warlocking enough to even think about it.
      Brawler’s guild is next on my list of things to try before 6.0 drops. Guess I’ll have to get onto that quick smart.

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