A watched launcher updates slowly.

It reminds me of that saying a watched pot never boils, I’m staring at my launcher willing it to update faster because I really want to see 6.0 live before I have to wake up the junior gamers and start my busy day.

I think the thing I’m most excited about is the toybox. It offers both the chance to clear out my bags, access items on all my toons that only 1 or 2 have been lucky enough to find and a challenge in hunting down all the items to fill in the blank spots all in one go.

Looking back at my progress over the course of MoP now that WoD is just around the corner and I’m pretty happy with where I am. My to-do list is still there but I think if I’m perfectly honest, even if I don’t complete a single thing on the list I’m actually pretty content. There were a ton of things I didn’t complete, even knowing that they were going away forever still couldn’t motivate me enough to get up to the temple of doom, aka Proving Grounds. Maybe I’ll have more motivation to see it through in WoD. There might be a twinge of regret in a few months that there is a title I can’t get, because I do like my titles, but in reality there’s a ton of things I can’ t get in the game and there’s a ton of things I can do. I know which I’d prefer to be dwelling on.

I stirred Z to brush off her boomy set the other day and cleared through to rank 8 of Brawler’s guild but to be perfectly honest the pain to pleasure ratio was not tipped in the favour of continuing through rank 9 and 10 even with the lure of the mount at 10 so that’s something that remained unfinished and so be it. It didn’t factor in my existence for months so I can’t be overly unhappy about something going away that I didn’t try in the first place.

The cloak going away, I’m still in two minds about this one. I do wonder why they are taking it away, perhaps there is some post somewhere explaining the reasoning but I’ve missed it. But since I’ve got it on my main and an alt I’m not overly fussed as well. I do have a very dedicated friend in wow who has got the cloak on all his 10 90s but me, well I’m just lazy and two was good enough.

Ok, gotta fly, the launcher is updated. See you on the flip side of pretty toons, tons of bag space and a flaming red portal.







2 thoughts on “A watched launcher updates slowly.

  1. I logged on for a whole of 5 minutes before work this morning. I got the Awake the Drakes achievement which gave me the Emerald Drake which was lovely – think that will be my go to mount for my warlock.
    My toybox I’m hoping was bugged, cos there was only about 3 or 4 things in there, and I have way more toys than that. Didn’t get a chance to look too hard though. I’ll check again tonight.
    What I DID forget about, and I squeeeed with delight when I saw it, is my new ghost wolf form for my shaman! I love it so much! 😀

    Really looking forward to getting home and getting stuck in to everything and seeing what it’s all like. Thankfully pretty much all of my add-ons were ready for update so I’m hoping I should be all good!

    • Oh grats on the drake. I logged on and was still at the shadopan garrison and the right quest was up so got the last ach for shado-master while testing out boomy.

      I had some items already added to toy box and some I had to add.

      Z looks amazing, I love how trolls look. I can’t wait to see your ghost wolf form.

      I’m so excited to try out healing tonight, hopefully our raid is fun, see you then 🙂

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