Sexy Troll and druid healing at a first glance

Sexy troll


Ok, so I might have been a bit hasty and over reacted about the ugliness of troll because I cannot get over how much I love how Z looks now. Her new model shows off her independence and fierce spirit while still remaining girly enough for me to find her really pretty. I love her defined muscles in her arms and shoulders. It was quite strange though to see her health at 89k, that’s so incredibly tiny.

It was a normal raid night for us tonight so we headed into SoO for everyone to have a look at their new class changes. I was pretty impressed with druid healing at the first glance. On the surface I didn’t immediately really notice too much of a difference in healing pre-patch and post-patch though a few things were immediately apparent. Such as, having to only manage 1 stack of lifebloom over 3 is a real plus.

I did miss the lack of symbiosis as I have got really spoilt having a moving tranq by macroing tranquillity to spirit walkers grace and constantly symbing a shaman. But on the other hand, not having to check if both links of the spell were unbroken was quite a nice change.

At the moment it appears that haste and mastery are pretty even so I decided to change out the mastery gems I had in my gear with more haste gems as my healing style favours basically blanketing the raid in rejuvs and trying to keep efflo and lifebloom up 100% of the time. These spells perform slightly better with haste. Though, with the changes to SoTF I was trying to work in a lot more healing touches and regrowths than I’d normally use so that might mean I lean towards more Mastery. It’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on it and play around a bit with.

ย I did notice that my Thok trinket did crap all healing tonight so I’ll have to see what I have in my bank; over at EJ they recommend trying out the multistrike (nazgrim) or seigecrafter’s trinks instead. I’m pretty sure I have a Nazgrim trinket in my bags so I might dust that off.

With the crazy mana regen we have the moment, the loss of innervate wasn’t noticed. This might be something I miss once we get back to levelling and I’m healing dgns as an undergeared healer with undergeared tanks. That’s something to worry about as we get there. For now it means I can spam heals and move my mushroom whenever the fancy takes me.

The downside though – I really noticed the difference in AOE healing. Pre-patch with instant cast wild growths, the ability to bloom my mushrooms and topped up with a genesis spam I felt in a really good place to AOE heal and put out some bursty heals if needed. Now with mushroom bloom gone and Wild Growth on a cool down and a cast time, I feel a bit underpowered. I think I need to get more in the habit of trying to set up rolling rejuvs in the raid so I can have a genesis ready when the damage comes in.

Apart from that, to be totally honest, my druid felt pretty much like she was pre-patch. Even with the long cast time on on Wild Growth we still have our instant casts rejuvs and with the tier bonus that grants up to 5 stacks of sage mender giving an instant cast Healing touch, there’s a lot of powerful healing that can be cast on the move if needed.

I do like the way that glyph of rejuv and glyph of healing touch work together. Rejuv allows you to cast faster healing touches if you have 3x rejuvs on targets. Each healing touchย  cast reduces the cool down time of nature’s swiftness and if it is macro’d to healing touch — gives you an instant cast healing touch every time it’s off cooldown. Really really nice synergy between these three spells.

At a first glance, I can say that my druid feels really familiar and comfortable to be playing with a pretty nice healing style. Hopefully, as the expac continues druids will stay in a great place.

Balance however…

I dropped into that spec to do my dailies for the Shado-pan..

Shado pan ach

yay! Finally

Hmm all I can say is it’s going to take me a while to get myย  head around those changes. It feels almost like playing a new spec, especially as I wasn’t that familar with boomy in the first place.


6 thoughts on “Sexy Troll and druid healing at a first glance

  1. She looks great! Aren’t those female trolls gorgeous? Mine’s a druid too and I am just in love with her new model. She’s very strong but still very lovely. My opinions on the other models are very mixed but I am perfectly happy with the trolls.

    • yep female trolls look great ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t really played much with the other models, what I’ve seen I like but it might be different when I actually log onto my other toons.

  2. Z you look fantastic!! I’m so glad you love the new troll model – I was very worried for you for awhile there.
    And MASSIVE congratulations on the new title! So sorry I didn’t say so last night. That’s a brilliant achievement to have gotten done. Grats! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks Cinder ๐Ÿ™‚ Your Ghost wolf form is amazing, I think I should make my 2nd main alt in WoD an ele sham. I’d get that cool ghost wolf form and I’ve never really played a shaman but they look fun.
      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t have got that title without you and thor suggesting challenge modes so I owe you guys a thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think you do look strong and feminine! I was using my Siegecrafter trinket but I am thinking of not using it because I don’t need the regen from it. Which also reminds me I should now get rid of all that spirit since we don’t need it at the moment as regen is not an issue. Maybe that would improve my healing! I have tried all three – SotF, tree and treants – and I have decided that I still like SotF. Just no fast tranqs, but the rest are still buffed. I do miss the bloom of mushrooms (especially during whirls in Garrosh, roars in Thok, and calamity in Protectors) but I have been doing the blanket rejuv and using genesis more, which wasn’t really my style previously. I am happy with druids atm! I think I will be happy to keep going like this into WoD. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I started out using treants to see what they were like as I did read somewhere they are putting out a fair bit of healing but once I realised there were no mana issues anywhere I changed back to SoTF as I could spam HTs and Regrowths.

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