Naga Hatchlings

I came across these little Naga babies towards the end of the Goblin starting zone.

Naga Hatchlings

These would make a fantastic pet to have. I wonder if they could ever make it into the game.

Have you seen any animals/items in game that would make a great pet.



2 thoughts on “Naga Hatchlings

  1. Z! Stay focused! WoW is all about how many alts you can get as highly raid geared as possible! forget about the minigames and exploration!!!

    D: D:, on a side note- about the druid priest combo… have you considered doing something completely new next tier? like … *drum roll* DPS instead?! with hunter, warlock, warrior etc…

    • lol so funny you say that.. because I have this massive urge to roll an orc shaman. I don’t need one nor will I really play it because I have both orcs and shamans at 90…. but I want one!So.. you can see that I’m pretty unfocused on end game and completely focused on getting sidetracked 🙂

      I’m actually thinking of doing a druid/shaman combo. I have tried pure dps classes but I really like the ability to heal either for fast ques or just general utility/survivablity but whatever it is, I don’t really get into pure dps classes that well.
      I like the look of ele shaman’s though I’ve hardly even tried resto healing so I’m not really sure if I would like it but I thought it might be something different to try.

      What are you going to play?

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