As an Orc in Mulgore

I gave into my urge to make a new toon tonight when I saw my partner on the character creation screen tossing around the idea of making a tauren to see the new models up close. So we decided to make a pair of toons to play together for a bit. Meet Attaro the Tauren Warrior and Zehra the Orc Shaman. Zehra’s in training with hopes of joining the Earthen Ring someday.

I hadn’t really compared the new and old models before tonight but after turning new models on and off a bit – boy what a difference there is.

Old Tauren and Orc


New Tauren and Orc


So so much better. So far I haven’t seen anything I don’t like about the new orc model. I’ve noticed on my night elfs their mouths open very unattractively as they finish a cast and their eyes are as bright as a death knights which is a bit disconcerting – but so far the orc model looks amazing. It’s a shame the screenshot doesn’t show their toes, because I am quite fascinated by an orc’s toes – they look great with super cute toenails – shame we can’t have nail polish colours. I could definitely handle playing an orc full-time given how great they look now.

However, questing in Mulgore as an orc is really difficult, when questing in a Tauren/non-Tauren combo because somewhere along the line Blizz decided to make a ton of quests Tauren only, possibly because they discuss a lot of Tauren lore but still quite frustrating for any non-Tauren who wants to level there. I guess the silver lining  is with heirlooms and fast levelling is we didn’t actually have to do the full amount of quests to get us to a high enough level to be able to pick up the hero’s call board quests for Northern Barrens.

Tomorrow’s adventures sees us head off to Northern Barrens. It’ll be interesting to see how long my interest in levelling another alt holds out, I’d like to think I could have her close to 90 before Warlords hits but with 17 days to go (The godmother has a lovely countdown clock on her website), it’s highly unlikely I will get there.




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