Acheivement Spam

I decided in the count down to Warlords I want to try to get through as many Pandaria ach’s as possible. It’s also a  good way to say bye to the zone.


Ach Spam

 I’ve been working on a few achievements over on the Isle of Thunder working towards completing all the ach’s for the Storm breaker title. I have to say a huge thanks to McTacky as I needed to kill Feng for the achievement these Mogu Have Gotta Go-Gu and I just couldn’t get an incarnation of Feng to drop. I knew he had been working on the Isle a while ago so sent a whisper asking if he happened to have one left in his bank, which  he did and he happily came over without a moment’s hesitation.

If you’re looking to do the treasures of pandaria ach, I recommend the Lost Treasures addon, it puts an arrow on your screen to the location and spawn points on your maps and makes this achievement so much easier. And on the subject of add ons; Npcscan Overlay, makes finding all the rares for Glorious so much easier by putting the patrol paths of rares on your map. If you don’t have it, definitely go get it.

Achievement hunting is a fun way to fill in time, I love seeing the box pop up when I’ve done something and the more I can get done in Pandaria now, the less there is to do later when there’s new and shiny achievements in Draenor to do.


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