The bane of blogging – Drafts

I realised that I have in my drafts folder over 130 written (or semi-written) blog posts that have never made it to the publishing stage.

Having a look through them I realised that some will never make it to being published as they are so out of dates; post titles include:

  • Ji-Kun and a few druid healing thoughts – yep that content is done and dusted
  • Gearing a fresh 90 – it’s almost time to consider gearing a fresh 100
  • Adjusting the sails  – the entire blog post is the quote “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. William Arthur Ward” – I really wonder where this post was going to go
  • And a ton of unfinished blogging challenges like Dress up Friday’s and 20 days of blogging.

So, one of my tasks will be to go through that folder (one day) and clear out the outdated content and unwritten posts and maybe finish off the challenges, especially the Dress up Friday one – because that was fun. And who knows I might even find a post that I do want to publish.

So having written that – here’s a post I meant to publish over a year ago:

Resort life… Wow Style

Flying over Feralas the other day I noticed a ton of npcs playing on what seemed to be a beach; it’s pretty murky down there and not at all sunny but that didn’t seem to stop them from acting like they were on a summer holiday. Hanging out on the sand or relaxing in the recliners around the place.

guests 1

guests1 It’s  very  multi-national, all the different races are there sharing the resort though they do seem to keep to their own faction groups.

The food must be ok, since there’s a long queue but given that there is a celebrity chef to prepare the food, that’s probably why people are waiting.

resort food

gordon tramsy

resortresort 1


2 thoughts on “The bane of blogging – Drafts

  1. I have the exact same issue, I get so far through a draft, get distracted, it gets out of date and I’m left kicking myself. As for that 20 days… I’m going to finish it one day 😛

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