Killing two Feasels with one team.

Darkmoon Faire has a new daily pet tamer, Christop Vonfeasel. He’s standing right next to Jeremy Feasel and is hard to miss as he’s decked out with tophat, sitting atop a horse, only stepping down to fight. Christop’s reward for defeating him has a chance to contain Syd the Squid.

Darkmoon Faire tamers

I found a pretty good combination for beating him which actually works very well for Jeremy too so you can quickly switch between fights without having to change pet teams.

Darkmoon Faire team

For Christoph

I like the Wild Crimson hatchling here as it is strong against Syd,Christoph’s first pet. and it is faster so it will always go first.  Save lift off so you can miss the first whirl pool. I found the Hatchling with its self heal normally outlasts Syd though it won’t  get much more than 1 hit on the 2nd pet. Once it dies I swap in Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

I use the lightning storm ability first up and then metal fist until the Yeti either died or was about to and then I use Ion Cannon, it means the Yeti gets off his massive attack after Mr Pointy is pretty low in health, normally it kills Mr. Pointy at this point. Otto is swapped in by Christoph and finishes off the Yeti.

Lil Bling pretty much burns through Otto. I put up Make It Rain which is a dot lasting over 4 rounds and follow it up with Inflation  which lasts 3 rounds and puts a debuff on Otto causing him to take increased damage for 2 rounds. Stacked with Make It Rain’s dot, he dies quite quickly.

For Jeremy

I use the same order in pets. The Wild Crimson Hatchling is faster against Judgement, Jeremy’s first pet and doesn’t usually have any issues here.

The Yeti isn’t strong against the Tonk but with lightning storm combined with metal fist he’s strong enough. I wait until the Tonk has died to use ion cannon, it makes sure the Tonk dies again first go and the Yeti can then soak up the 3rd pet’s stun while he’s recharging. Then I bring in Lil Bling once the Yeti is dead and do exactly the same for the monkey as for Christoph.

I found this set of pets works really well and makes the fights nice and fast.



2 thoughts on “Killing two Feasels with one team.

  1. I had a crack at these guys the other day. Last night I think I came up with a good combination for Christoph: Onyxian Whelp, Darkmoon Tonk and Clockwork Gnome (similar to a strat on Wowhead but switched the last two guys). Worked a treat for me and got him down first go.

    For Jeremy I had my Mechanical Pandaren Dargonling, Clockwork Gnome and Kovok (just for fun!) I think if luck was on my side I wouldn’t need the 3rd pet, so might be good for the new elek plush achievement that comes in WoD. Anyway, last night I was super lucky and managed to get the Darkmoon Eye from Jeremy’s bag of pet supplies he gave me. A very nice surprise indeed!

    I’d like to try your strat, but I don’t have the Mechanical Yeti. I see he’s an engineering pet – I’ll need to send my hunter out there to learn it!

    • Ooh I’ve never been able to 2 pet Jeremy so I’ll have to try your pets and see if I can make that a carry.
      Grats on the eye :). I love my mechanical yet, he’s a strong little powerhouse.

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