Dragonrays Draenor Dress-up!!!!

I love Outland gear, some of the prettiest pieces come from there and many of the BOE drops that go for a lot of gold on the AH have equivalent versions from quests. When I saw Dragonray was running a transmog challenge to make an outfit only using Outland items I couldn’t wait to join in.


  • Any gear from Outlands – yes Mages can wear plate in this altered reality and Paladins can wear leather.
  • Mogit/model viewer entries are accepted. Ingame images with gear and Outland backgrounds are definitely welcome.
  • As a rough guide – iLevels fropm 84-  145 is Outland gear

I have been farming all the pieces up in this set since the majority are from questing with a couple of dungeon drops but I just couldn’t get the boots to drop from Murmur in Shadow Lab so unfortunately my entry is a Mogit entry.

 Dragon's dressup 1

Dragon's dressup 2

This uses a variety of armor types so can’t be transmogged into for real.


  • Head – Protectorate headplate (plate)
  • Shoulders – Azurestrike Shoulders (leather)
  • Chest – Scavaged Breastplate (plate)
  • Wrist – Swiftstrike Bracers (leather)
  • Hands – Enslaved Doomguard Soul-grips (leather)
  • Waist – Sha’tari Vindicators Waistguard (plate)
  • Legs  – Midrealm Leggings (plate)
  • Feet – Silent Slippers of Mediation (cloth)
  • 2-Hand Weapon. – Greatsword of Forlorn Visions

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