Saying goodbye won’t be easy

Wandering Isle

I’m sure Draenor will be  stunning but it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to MoP zones. The scenery in so many of the zones is truly amazing to look at, it’s really easy to lose yourself in the beauty of the environment.

Wandering Isle 2 Waterfalls Jade Forest



6 thoughts on “Saying goodbye won’t be easy

  1. Pandaria is my favourite. I’m probably a bit biased because it’s the first expansion I’ve ever done from beginning to end, but I just thought it was beautiful. And there are so many orcs coming in WoD that I don’t see how it can be as beautiful! I saw someone else had done a lovely post saying goodbye to their farm at Halfhill, and had planted it full of the beautiful winter blossom saplings and what not. I think that’s what I’ll be doing tonight – planting the farm with beautiful trees and leaving my characters there until it’s time for them to head to Draenor. At least they’ll be somewhere beautiful while they wait. 🙂

    • I’m the same – Pandaria is my first full expac but aside from that the Zones are really lovely and despite all the evil in the place the messages the countless number of Pandaran Npcs constantly put out, to slow down, family first etc – make it a relaxing place to hang out in.
      I saw that idea for the farm; I think I’ll do the same for those toons that have opened it. I’m not sure where I’ll log my toons out. My 3 alliance toons have had their bags emptied and are resting on a bench in Dalaran as I doubt I’ll be logging onto them anytime soon.

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