Squee – two drakes closer to the Emerald Drake

I can’t believe the luck of my little shaman tonight. While waiting for a lfr que (there was a healer bag on offer so I qued her up to see what goodies it might have) I decided to take her through Onyxia’s Lair while waiting. I almost didn’t go in since I thought the que would be very fast but after a few pet battles outside and no que pop I headed in. Boy was I glad I did.


Onyxia's Drake

Then I decided to pop on over to the Eye of Eternity – not only am I hunting the Azure drake in there but there is a couple of nice transmog pieces that could drop. No transmog this week but there was a pretty Azure drake inside the loot gem.


Azure Drake

Now I’ve only got the Blazing Drake from Dragon Soul to complete the achievement Awake the Drakes.

I can’t get over the lucky of my little Shaman. If I could make her go buy me a lottery ticket I would!


7 thoughts on “Squee – two drakes closer to the Emerald Drake

  1. Congrats! If I have the chance to come back I’ll definitely be farming the Blazing Drake as well because the Emerald Drake looks awesome.

  2. Grats!! If there’s one thing I wish I had the luck for it would be mount drops. But alas, the RNG gods do not smile upon me. Congrats to you though! Both those drakes look marvelous!!

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