Final Quest in Pandaria

I’ve been finishing up a lot of Pandaria Achievements and one that has been catching my eye was the Savior of Stoneplow so I decided to go and finish it, and I am so glad I did. It was the perfect quest to bow out of Pandaria on.

To be eligible to have this quest offered to you, you must have completed the Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds quest achievements. I found a npc called Emmi at Stormstout Brewery had the quest for me though the forums mentioned there are a few quest givers that you could pick the quest up from.


Once you head on down to Stoneplow you get a cut scene that shows a massive bug breaking through the wall with a smaller bug army with him.

stoneplow 1

And just as everyone in Stoneplow is about to give up hope and wants to flee, tons of notable Pandaran Npcs like Chen Stormstout, the Halfhill Tillers  and Miss Fanny  turn up to save the day with you.


stoneplow 2

You have a few little quests where you run around and destroy some of the bugs, give beer to keep up the spirits of the defenders and joining in with some Shadopan Students to dispatch the bug commanders. For the final quest, Miss Fanny catapults you towards the colossus bug and you are sucked into its belly and must fight your way out.

stoneplow 3

When you finally emerge the Pandaran realise that they are ready to finally stand on their own.

This was a great quest to finish on, seeing all the npcs that have been around throughout my adventures  all in the one place was like a fantastic goodbye party.


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