As one of those with little patience




Is making me seriously consider transferring off. There is not a single toon I want to spend time levelling that I can access.

The practicalities though

– Is the money spent worth being able to spend my limited wow time (now I’m working) playing

– Will I be able to transfer back in a fortnight so I can raid with my team or will I be facing the possibility of a still-locked realm and be stuck without a raid team

Given my battlenet last night was full of people saying Yay! in after 6hours of wait time etc etc, I don’t have high hopes of being able to access Z any time soon today.




After digging around on the forums I found some interesting posts

We ran into a few other issues, including a distributed denial of service attack, that resulted in increased latency.

To help correct for this and other issues, we’ve temporarily lowered maximum realm populations. This means there will be high queue times experienced on high-population realms.

We’re continuing to work toward greater realm stability and address the service issues impacting latency. Our current biggest hurdle is the concentration of players in specific areas and zones, and an unexpected effect of that concentration on the realm stability. We’re continuing to maintain a lowered realm population cap to help with the stability, which is resulting in increased queue times.Bashiok 13/11/14


Wonder what the “other issues” were and how temporary the lowered caps are going to be. DDOS or the threat of may be around for quite a while.





9 thoughts on “As one of those with little patience

  1. As you are probably aware, hackers definitely wreaked havoc on Blizzard’s systems last night…to the point of unscheduled maintenance this morning. It definitely sucked. I was disappointed because while there was a realm I could log onto when I got home from work last night, it has nothing more than a lowbie toon on it. Then this morning, when I had some free time, we had the maintenance.

    It’s unfortunate, and it’s definitely frustrating. In this particular instance, though, I think Blizzard is off the hook and they did the best job they could to handle it. Even in the Looking For Group documentary, they talked about how stringent their cyber security measures are and how there are constantly attacks being made/attempted. For the DDoS one to actually succeed last night suggests to me it was a huge effort to make it so. Which in turn makes me hate people who have nothing better to do than cause nonsense such as this.

    • I don’t understand the mentality that someone has that makes them find joy in shutting down a service like the people responsible for DDOS have.

      The lowered population occured before the DDOS attacked went though (though its quite possible it was occuring behind the scenes), which is mentioned in the blue post I put in about other issues resulting in the lowered cap.

      DDOS has been happening for a while now, hopefully there can be some more permanent fix other than just lowering server pops being worked on. Not a job I envy for the poor developers who have to try to counter every way that some truly malicious people come up with.

      • I agree with you absolutely. I think the lowered population had to kick in before it was announced. When your servers are being bombarded, the easiest way to assess the problem is to reduce the REAL traffic hitting them.

        I have very vengeful thoughts regarding the folks responsible, but I have to say if you are going to do something like this then an expansion launch is the ideal time. Whatever crazy mindset says “I just want to $#^! with things, because I can” has to aim for the most effective time to do so.

        But hopefully the worst is over and we can get back to stopping the Iron Horde. At least, I hope that’s the case when I’m done work. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you’re not able to get in 😦
    I asked the guys in guild if they knew any lower pop servers that might be easier to get in to. While they did mention some, Zugs mentioned that Barth is locked, so you wouldn’t be able to transfer back.

    Apparently there is maintenance again tonight – maybe they’ll be able to let more people in after that? 😦

  3. It wasn’t really due to the population on the server. I’d been closely following the threads regarding Connecting realms, as my main realm was a fairly low population one (we’re talking often only double figures of people on the whole realm, on horde side, at certain points during the day). We got Connected to another realm that was similar, and took us up to “medium” population at peak time, but we worked out that, even if they added another of the same size again, we’d still only be classed as “full” at peak times (but still no queue). We guestimated that even if everyone who had a live account came online at the same time, our realms would still not be locked. And that certainly didn’t happen, but we did encounter queues.

    As we’ve now discovered, Blizzard reduced the total population able to log in concurrently, to try and reduce the lag and problems those actually playing the game were feeling – but again this was partially due to the DDOS attack. Personally, I also believe that the phasing involved with the garrisons also caused problems. There were big problems on the beta for quite some time, with the garrisons (perhaps all those people in the same place (albeit out of phase) at the same time, all those followers and peons doing their stuff, differently, in the same place) .. which they did eventually fix .. but that was only one or two servers, with a (relatively) small number of people. Multiply that by a huge amount and suddenly everything goes a bit “wibbly wobbly”.

    It does surprise me sometimes how there can be so many people so ready to Blizzard bash when any little thing goes wrong. Yes .. they should have been a bit better prepared .. but I think there is still a bit of each of them that can’t quite believe how successful the game is and how many people want to (a) play it, and (b) want to attack it. *shrugs* as far as I’m concerned, the expansion isn’t going anywhere for some time, they’ll sort it, it will get fixed, and it will go down in history and hopefully they’ll learn from it for next time.

    • It sounds like there were a ton of issues that contributed to the pop cap being reduced. Either way it was annoying but hopefully it will be over soon if not already and in a few weeks it won’t matter.

    • Hope so, I jumped on at a ridiculous time today to escape the queues, I was checking it thoughout the day on my second account just out of interest and the wait times were still pretty huge.
      Hopefully it’s settled down tonight after the restarts.

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