level 100

Despite the queues on Barth (and pretty much everywhere really) Z hit level 100 in a pretty reasonable fashion. I had decided at the start of the expansion that I would quest my way to 100 and finish each zone in turn so I could see all the stories as I went. I rushed to 90 in MOP and it wasn’t until I went back and did loremaster months later that I got a good understanding of the zones and the npcs I had been seeing every day for months.

Hordies start in Frostfire Ridge which is quite orc heavy, it was pretty cool to see the little nomadic tribes the Orcs lived in and Frostfire Ridge is quite a pretty zone even if it is mostly just snow.

Frostfire Ridge

The quests were quite interesting, it was pretty cool to see Thrall meet his father, Durotan and his mother Draka, who is absolutely beautiful.


I decided to skip a lot of the bonus objectives after Frostfire as I didn’t want to outlevel the zones so that’s something I’ll have to go back and finish off. My favourite zone was definitely Spires of Arak. Before questing in there my impression of Arakkoa were of noisy screeching birds from Outland but the story line in this zone gave a really good insight into them and they have such  personality.

Nagrand was the last quest zone and I hit 100 about half way through but I decided to make sure I finished the quests in there. The final ending to the zone was really amazing but since there are people haven’t finished the quest yet, I’m don’t want to spoil it by revealing too much. I thought the ending though was really well done and gave really good closure to the ending of MoP. If you’ve read War Crimes, it was a great follow-up to that story.

Exploring around the top of Nagrand I came across a really beautiful Lagoon. It has a stacking debuff that is put on  you so beware if you spend too much time there, but its worth going up there for a look.

nagrand lagoon 2

Horde don’t get to quest in Shadowmoon Valley which is a real shame as this is a beautiful zone. I popped over there to find the battlepet tamer to battle and spent quite a bit of time exploring. I have plans to level an alliance alt through Draenor so that I can see the other perspective and I’m really looking forward to seeing the quests in this zone.

Shadowmoon Valley

Once you have cleared all the quests in a zone you can buy a map from Ashran that shows you all the treasures in the zone that you may have missed. Even with the icons marked on your map some can be really tricky to find with jumping puzzles to be completed.

Cinder found a really good short story,  Hellscream,  on wowhead that fills in the missing time between the end of MoP/War Crimes and where we are now. I’d definitely recommend having a quick read of it.

So now Z’s 100,  the decisions over what to do next loom. Gear, garrisons, pets, followers, there is so much to keep occupied and that’s without even thinking about alts.


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