Draenor Safari and the elusive Shadow Sporebat

The new expansion has bought a ton of new pets with it and I’ve been running around making sure I catch and find as many as possible. Some of the new wild pets are super common but some are a lot trickier to find.

I was left last night with only one pet left to catch, the Shadow Sporebat. According to Wowhead it spawns around Khadager’s tower in Talador. When I got there last night, I couldn’t see a single battle pet icon on my map. I wandered up and down the valley for a bit and then realised I could venture all the way out onto the open sea (Azure Water Strider mount is amazing for this) and over to Taanaan Jungle. After screenshotting some pretty shots and teasing my guildies about there being tons of daily quests here and that I could see Grommosh (I finally let them know I was teasing) I headed back.

Taanaan Jungle

Still no spawns..I asked my battle friends if they had any luck finding one of these pets and checked out wowhead again. Wowhead comments indicated it could possibly be after midnight server time while  Dragon and Luxy both mentioned they thought it was a very early morning spawn. I stayed online until after 12 but couldn’t see any pets spawning so set my alarm for super early the next day so I could be up and online before sunrise. I found out from watching blizzcon that each server’s sunrise, sunset and night are timed to coincide with the day/night cycle based on server local time)

At 5.45am I jumped on to see if there was anything but after running up and down the valley I still couldn’t see any paw icons on my map.  I ran back up the top to the tower and all of a sudden, a paw came up on my map! There was a single solitary shadow sporebat in the whole zone.  I captured it and while it’s grey I luckily managed to pick up a flawless flying stone a few days ago. I’ll wait to see if the spawns increase, if not I’ll stone the one I have.

 Shadow Sporebat shadow sporebat1

I also got the Royal peacock as a reward for getting all the wild pets in Draenor, which is one really special looking pet.

shadow sporebat2


4 thoughts on “Draenor Safari and the elusive Shadow Sporebat

  1. I have been farming and scouting and everything for this lil fella!!!! He is the only one I am missing out on for Safari also… GRATS!!
    I I also explored Tanaan Jungle on my strider and got some awesome photos. Was devastated when I finally found land to climb out of ocean and there was an invisible wall /cry

    • Ty 🙂 I do hope you find you little guy soon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Not only is he lovely but the peacock chick is gorgeous.

      I was the same way when I found the wall, I was so sure I was going to be able to get deeper into Tanaan and then crushed. I can’t wait to see it for real 🙂

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