Preparing for raiding and how to make your healer love you in early heroic dungeons

In between pet battles and garrisons and missions (that’s a whole mini game in itself), I’ve been throwing Z into a ton of heroic dungeons for gear. Our guild starts raiding again on the 3rd and we’ve been asked to get our ilvl up to around the 635 mark to make sure our gear won’t be a check to getting through normals. So atm I’ve got my little DK picking flowers in Talador so Z can make them into pigment for her inscription cd which can make 620 trinkets and a weapon. My Dk has an average ilvl of 528 and is absolutely burning through the mobs there, I really like DKs. My shaman is questing her way through to Nagrand because that’s where so many of the skinnable mobs live so she can get there and live in a skinner’s paradise collecting leather making Z some trendy looking crafted gear.

So in addition to Z having a full complement of staff working for her, she’s had to brave the heroic dungeon ques. Now with a shiny helm from Molton Core and Khadager trusting me with the second stage of his legendary ring, it’s not as hard as it was in the very early days of 610 ilvl but even with a fair amount of gear there’s not always a lot of room for error. If abilities aren’t interrupted or the fights drag out my mana is gone and there’s no getting it back. Though I did forget just how little druids can run on, at times I feel completely oom and I can get enough clear casting procs (mana free regrowths) or squeeze out another few rejuvenations and we can continue on.

The best runs happen when tanks allow/call for CC and everyone is on interrupt duty. I’ve had a few runs where it has been stated that they don’t want to waste time on CC. When faced with the “MoP mentality”, runs can be a nightmare.

CC in dgns

CC is lovely to see

It’s only going to get easier as everyone gears up but at the moment with our low gear levels, little things like interrupts and cc go a long way to making a smooth run.


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