Choosing garrison buildings based on raiding

Garrisons are a fantastic feature and despite me initially thinking I wouldn’t be a massive altoholic, at least not this early in the expac,  I’ve ended up bringing quite a few across to Draenor to open up garrisons and have the resources rolling in while they idle away their days waiting for me to get around to levelling them.

Like always though, they’re mostly there at the moment to support Z so that has meant a few of them have had their building choices made based on what’s going to help her. The beauty of Garrisons is that the choices are different for each level, so what suits a levelling toon might not suit a level capped raiding toon so they can be swapped out; you just need to gather the resources to build again.

Building Choices


She’s my main toon and the one that got to 100 first so her building choices reflect a bit of self-sufficiency and will most likely be changed a bit when my other toons get higher levels. Z has a level 3 garrison so I have all the building slots unlocked.



This building is incredibly invaluable for levelling, I could de not only the greens but also all the soulbound items as well that normally would get vendored. I’ve upgraded this to level 2 so I can put cloak and ring enchants on her gear. This building will be removed in time when my actual enchanter reaches a high enough level in enchanting to take over making enchants as well as  disenchanting duty.

I’ll most likely pick up the Salvage yard as it has a chance to get gear for my followers increasing their ilevel. This will then allow them  to go on missions that might turn up better gear for me.


Z is a scribe and this building allows me to make more of the war paints that are needed to make the weapon and trinket crafted items. It’s been upgraded to level 2 and as soon as my inscription follower reaches 100 (he’s currently at 99), he will be assigned to work here, which will increase the amount of warpaints I get.


Z’s not an alchemist so can’t make the greater flasks but she can make mana potions, and lesser int potions which will see her through the early stages of raiding while I wait for my actual alchemist to get her skill high enough to make decent flasks for her. This is also a building that may be swapped out once my alchemist is up and running.


Lumber Mill

Absolutely invaluable for quickly getting resources. I can find trees in the world (they show up like mining and herbing nodes on my minimap) and a minion arrives and cuts them down. Often with some cute flavour text and sometimes wearing beer hats. At level 1 lumber mill the minion runs up out of nowhere, at level 2 he rappels down a rope from the sky, I cannot wait to see how they arrive at level 3.

This one will lose its valuableness as more and more of my buildings get levelled up so I’ll need to make the choice what to swap it out to, probably a barn.


At level 1, I get daily quests to go into various dungeons for rewards. So far, I’ve collected toys and a pet but I also got a few quests that gave me a mysterious reward bag, which granted a ton of Draenor quality potions and flasks. These are excellent and are being added to my stockpile of supplies for raiding.  Level 2 will allow me to seek out followers with specific traits I’m looking for which means I can tailor my mission teams a little better. Level 3 will unlock treasure missions which I’d really like to see.


War mill (Dwarven Bunker)

This in my eyes is a must for raiding. At level 2 I can exchange resources for Apexis crystals, which are used for a lot of nice gear (and pets/mounts). At level 3, it will give me one free charm for a bonus roll, meaning I only have to farm up the resources to buy the other 2. Less time farming is good and it means if something happens and my time is limited, I’m still guaranteed 1 extra roll per week.


 It is the default one that you are given. At level 1 it gives bonus xp missions for my followers, which is handy to help them level faster and at level 3 I can increase my follower limit to 25. This will be amazing as I already have a lot of follower’s deactivated.

Alts Garrisons


Totzie’s Garrison is still only level 2 as she hasn’t hit 100 yet


I chose the Tannery, as she is a leatherworker/skinner and can use this building to get extra cooldowns for the mats needed to make 640 crafted leather gear. The way Z is going with her bad luck on getting a chest drop (still rocking a 603 quest chest), Totzie will probably have a chest made.



The barn is where the best food for raiding comes from, not cooking anymore. You need a level 2 barn and you can trap animals and then turn them (actually the item you receive from your minion for trapping them) into the barn and the work order results in feasts. This will possibly be put onto all my toons as they level up so I can build up a stockpile for feasts for raiding.


Talarial came across simply so I could start doing her tailoring cd’s either for to make Z a cloak or depending on how many crafted items Z has, to make the Elekk plushie pet to start working on the achievement to level it to 25 and then carry it around the world.

Being an enchanter as well as a tailor, Tal has both the tailoring and enchanting small buildings open so far and not much else.


My dk hasn’t actually unlocked any buildings yet, however she is skinning and mining her way through the world  as fast as she can so is looking forward to unlocking another mine and herb garden.


7 thoughts on “Choosing garrison buildings based on raiding

  1. I’m thinking of changing one of my small buildings… but I’m not set yet. I actually got the Storehouse as my third small building. It is super handy having a bank right there – fewer trips to Ashran! But that’s where the benefits end. Other than having my bank, I liked the idea of having my void storage there, and unlocking the ability for all buildings to do 5 extra work orders a day. But unlocking a level 3 storage requires the “Got My Mind on Draenor Money” achievement, which requires you to loot 10,000 gold in Draenor. Which may not sound like much, but really is! So I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with that or change it out for something else. I’m a bit torn tbh.

    • I think the storehouse will be very handy, once I have Alch and Ench up on the actual profession toons I’ll be dropping those huts. I’d like to put a storehouse in one of those places. Atm I just save up all my stuff and go to Ashran as little as possible. Having my own bank would rock.

  2. You mentioned not assigning your inscription follower until he’s 100. You can actually send him out on missions all day, and then just assign him right before you pick up your work orders. That will grant you the bonus still, and then you can also level him.

    • That is awesome to know! I’ve wondered how that works – whether the follower had to be in as you place the work orders, and if they had to be there the whole time. I’d had my leatherworking follower in the tannery as soon as I got her at 92 and she didn’t get to level, so it’s good to know that I can send her out and not get left behind in terms of levels.

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