Enchanting hotfix changes

With the changes that came in the November 25th hotfix:

Rare (blue) quality items now have a greatly increased chance to disenchant into Draenic Dust instead of a Small Luminous Shard. Additionally, characters with the Enchanting profession should receive more Draenic Dust while disenchanting an item.
[Still in testing] Mark of Blackrock now requires 3 Temporal Crystals (down from 15) and 5 Scorcerous Earth (down from 10).
[Still in testing] Mark of Shadowmoon now requires 3 Temporal Crystals (down from 15) and 5 Scorcerous Fire (down from 10). Patch Notes

It’s made me decide to definitely down my enchanting hut on Z now and funnel all my greens over to my enchanting profession toon. While I had always intended to do so I had been holding off as the convenience of being able to disenchant Z’s stuff without changing toons was really nice. However, if enchanting toons have a greater chance to receive more dust than a non enchanting toon who is disenchanting via the garrison hut, there’s no way I’ll disenchant greens on Z.  I’ll just have to keep vendoring the blues like I’ve been doing before the nifty little hut came into play.

I’m thinking for the small building a salvage yard is definitely a cool thing to add in, the change to get more gear to increase my followers ilvl is very attractive.

The changes that might be coming for the weapon enchants is really welcome, I’ll definitely be holding off doing any enchants for it until as close as possible to raid starts just in case I can take advantage of the reduced mat requirements.


2 thoughts on “Enchanting hotfix changes

    • You do have a point, I didn’t feel dust poor but I certainly did have a very large amount of shards, hopefully enough to keep my enchanter going for a while with the reduced drop chances now 🙂

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