Playing the follower game, choosing who to deactivate

Ahh the tough decisions… I have too many minions and not enough slots for them all, I’m a long way from upgrading my barracks to level 3 which would allow me to have 25 minions so at the moment I’m stuck with only being allowed to have 20 active.

I was having a tough time deciding who to keep active so I went through their abilities and sorting out what type of abilities each follower had made it a bit easier to choose. Some of my minions are epic and they have 2 abilities each,the green and blue ones only have 1 ability.

Counter-Ability Active Inactive
Wild Aggression 3
Powerful Spell 4 2
Deadly Minions 2
Minion Swarms 3
Danger Zones 4 2
Massive Strike 3 1
Magic Debuff 2 1
Timed Battle 4
Group Damage 2

I realised from the list above that I could easily afford to deactivate some followers from each of the groups that had 4 active followers and reactivate Una, the magic debuff minion. I also should try to hunt down some followers with the deadly minions and group damage abilities  to make a more balanced team.




3 thoughts on “Playing the follower game, choosing who to deactivate

  1. The second follower I got via the inn, I made sure had Deadly Minions. I seem to have so many of those pop up in the mission log. Of course, not long after I found a follower who had it as well. But, doesn’t hurt to have two. I need to snag another Timed Battle or so.

    As I’ve slowed down on acquiring followers and doing missions until I can boost the Garrison to level 3, I haven’t hit the follower cap just yet. Tough decisions to make when that time comes!

    • I made a mistake this week with the tavern follower request as I chose a trait I already had a few of without realising once I chose an ability to look for I couldn’t change my mind. I cant wait for it to reset.

      Im still collecting but I have so many deactivated. I get one to 100 then deactivate it and reactivate another to level.

      • For the most part I will probably do the same once they hit 100. However, I want a few geared to complete the higher level missions.

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