Normal Highmaul cleared

It seems that the importance of not standing in mines really was listened to and tonight was a quick run through the first 6 bosses; though we did the first one twice (once on heroic and again on normal). When we got to the Imperator we tried a slightly different strat compared to last week. This time he was tanked in the middle and all the ranged dps and healers moved as a group around him, moving to the left each time a mine was dropped. It worked really well and it only took a pull or two and he went down. Such a massive difference to the previous raid night. Avoiding the damage is so important on that fight.

Imp z and cinder

 Imp deadline guild

Mana is still really tight despite being lucky enough to get a few upgrades through loot drops and extra rolls.  I’m pretty much drinking a channeled mana pot each fight. On Imperator I found the best time to drink is in the first transition. If I time it just right I can sit and drink my mana pot just before the transition finishes and go back into the fight with full mana again, it makes it so much easier.

I also changed my glyphs around a little and swapped out the Glyph of rejuvenation which makes my healing touch cast faster if I’m running 3 x rejuvs on people with the glyph that makes shapeshiting mana free. I find I’m often shifting in and out of cat form to blink around the place or into bear form to cast stampeding roar and this way I can do the form changes without any effect on my mana. With mana so tight as it is I can’t always guarantee I’ll always have 3 rejuvs up at the same time I want to cast a HT, and  even if I did I’m finding people aren’t dropping that fast that a slightly faster HT is necessary. It’s a glyph I’ll be prepared to change in and out, but at the moment it’s working well.

Tomorrow night is the last of our extra raid nights, giving us 2 more nights this week to work on bosses. We’re going to start on Brackenspore and see how we go from there.


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