A few more bosses

Sunday was a guild run and we managed to get a couple more heroic bosses down.

The Butcher

The Butcher

Tectus Tectus H

I posted in the forums about doing another day and a few people were interested in coming along on Monday. Tonight we ended up with 9 guildies and 2 pugs, a priest healer and dps Shaman.  It was a good group which was a relief because it’s always a bit nerve wracking to pull in pugs.

Thor, our monk tank, was leading the strat and he had us stand against a wall all stacked up, only really moving to avoid fire or pulverize swirls. Klor, our hunter, would disengage away when Shield Charge came out, leaving the rest of us to be able to stand in place and our 2nd tank, Osprey (who is normally dps but is a really good tank) would move the whirlwind boss away from us. The first couple of attempts we had a lot of fiery deaths and a few wild shield charges as it really doesn’t take a great deal of movement away from the group to be classified as ranged and a target for the charge. But we worked it out pretty quickly and he went down.


Twins H

Two of the guildies got gear and our pug healer got a pretty neck so it was really good. We had a few attempts on Ko’ragh but then our non-guild healer had to leave as it was 5.30am at his place. We ended up calling it there.

The extra progression was really welcome and all the guildies who came said they would definitely like to keep coming so hopefully that means we can raid 3 nights a week. The raid team is actually quite good but I really feel we need at least 3 nights to be able to move through the bosses relatively fast. I find that while I’m really excited about downing bosses it’s really hard not to constantly compare where I am in progress with my bf who I raided with though MoP. After we left our old guild he went to Saurfang and joined a guild over there (at my prompting because I was planning on moving Z to that realm as well). He’s already cleared full heroic and is on mythic progression. While I’m happy for him, I have to admit there’s a pretty strong green-eyed monster in me which is making it really difficult at well. If anyone has any advice on how to get over the envy and be content with where they are.. I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “A few more bosses

  1. oh you have a great screen shot for tectus! I don’t have one and neither does Zugs. Any chance you want to upload it to the guild website?

    I’m glad that we’ve got a team of 10 to go along on Mondays. It would be even better if we could get 20 together to do mythic. Maybe we’ll have more luck after the Christmas break. 🙂

    • Sure, I’ll pop it up.

      I agree, it’s fantastic we have 10 to squeeze in some extra raiding :). I do hope we can get 20 going along, I really want to do some Mythic progression.

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