Scroll of Storytelling

The Feast of Winterveil started today and there are quite a few toys that can be obtained form the Stolen Presents, a daily quest reward which means I’ll be trying to do this daily on a few toons.

After opening up Z’s stolen present today, I noticed something new; a Scroll of Storytelling which alters your perception for a short while.

scroll of storytelling3

Everything looks amazing for the time it’s up.

scroll of storytelling2 scroll of storytelling1

It would be nice if this was a toy though so all my toons could enjoy it. I’m going to have fun with it finding some really pretty spots to use it in.


2 thoughts on “Scroll of Storytelling

  1. I finally got one of these on my shaman the other yesterday. I haven’t tried it yet though. I can see myself losing a LOT of time using it lol
    But I have to ask – why isn’t this a toy?! It doesn’t change the view for other people around you does it? Blizzard’s argument for not making some things toys is that they don’t want too many things that change the environment for other people (and thereby impacting their game experience). But if this view is only for me, that doesn’t affect anyone.
    Anyway, enough whinging on your blog! It’s an awesome toy and I can’t wait to use it (I’m thinking some guild boss screen shots!)

    • I know, as a toy this would be amazing. I really don’t know why this isn’t a toy. I never realised that was why some things are a toy and some things aren’t but if it’s about affecting the environment surely seeing someone running along as a great naga or with streaming wings would be more intrusive than a scroll that noone can tell if you are using?

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